Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Smart door lock, Think what you think, convenient and fast.


Smart door lock trial crowd:

1. People who often forget to bring their keys

2. People who often buy in large and small packages and are difficult to liberate their hands

3. Parents or guests often come to visit

4. Need to enjoy the convenience and security of smart home

5. Always pay attention to children's entry and exit

6. Avoid changing locks frequently for rented houses

What doors can be equipped with intelligent locks?

The installation of smart lock for apartment building is usually destructive, and anti-theft door is the most suitable

1. Security doors are preferred. Most of the door locks of businesses are made according to the standards of security doors. Early security doors need to communicate with businesses due to slight differences in standards.

2. Wooden doors are second

3. Glass doors usually need to purchase specific locks.

Several main unlocking methods of intelligent door lock

Fingerprint unlocking: fingerprint unlocking technology must be in vivo identification technology, and the identification time is less than 3 seconds.

Password unlocking: password unlocking is recommended to support anti peeping mode

At present, the password unlocking mode of intelligent door lock generally supports the random code + password mode to prevent peeping and theft, prevent passers-by from seeing the numbers you enter, and prevent some numbers fixed on the keyboard from leaving fingerprints.

Mobile phones and cards: mobile phones and cards shall be protected against loss and passwords shall be kept safely.

The mobile phone and card play the role of key. First, they should be paired with the china door lock and verified through the network or Bluetooth mode. It cannot be unlocked unless your phone or card is lost. At the same time, the smart home app is integrated on the mobile phone, and the smart door lock is one of them, so take good care of your mobile phone. Prevent the mobile phone from being lost and hacked, and make the journey unimpeded.

The core behind all products is security. According to the regulations of relevant domestic departments, smart door locks listed in China must leave physical keys, that is, the traditional unlocking method. The intelligent high end smart lock adds the unlocking method on the basis of the mechanical lock, only by adding the unlocking trigger methods such as fingerprint, password, mobile phone or card. The core of security lies in the lock body rather than the triggering unlocking method. There is no doubt about the security.

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In addition, intelligent door locks can usually alarm online. In case of abnormalities, the owner can easily receive alarm information wherever he is, so as to realize emergency rescue, which is more conducive to ensuring safety.

Compared with the new generation of intelligent and password lock, what unique experience can intelligent door lock bring?

1. Enjoy a cost-effective car keyless start experience at a very low price

The first shock brought to us by the new generation of smart door lock is to use smart phones to realize keyless door lock. We can enjoy the experience of hundreds of thousands of car keyless start at a price of about 1000 yuan. The biggest breakthrough of the new smart door lock is that it makes use of the integration of wireless communication technology, Internet technology and encryption and decryption technology. When a mobile phone downloads an app, it can turn the mobile phone into an electronic key, and realize the keyless induction door lock and remote control door lock. We can unlock the door without taking out our mobile phone (key). This has a stronger sense of technology than the traditional fingerprint lock and password lock, and can prevent the fingerprint from being copied on the lock.

2. No matter when and where can easily open the door lock

Another difference between the new generation of intelligent door lock and the traditional intelligent lock is that it easily realizes the remote door lock. Whether you are at home or not, no matter where you are, the lock can be opened safely. This can not be realized by traditional fingerprint lock, password lock and induction lock.

3. Think what you think, convenient and fast

The biggest difference between the new generation of intelligent lock and the traditional wholesale indoor fingerprint door lock, password lock and Facebook lock is that it not only takes into account the anti-theft lock function, but also increases the intelligent management function. You have a lot of management that can't be realized before, which can be completed by the smart lock: when you sell a house, you don't have to go to the scene, send a disposable cloud key to the intermediary, and you can easily solve the problem of opening the door. For house rental, as long as you send a cloud key with a set period to the renter, the door will not open when it expires. When the rent is paid, you don't need to rush the rent.

FUYU 6588 3D face recognition

Fingerprint unlock

Password unlock

Card unlock

Emergency key unlock

Emergency USB interface

Child lock function

Video capture, video intercom function

Remote unlocking function



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