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Smart door locks vs traditional door locks


Nowdays, there are more and more china smart door locks in the market, and traditional locks have gradually been unable to meet the needs of users. The emergence of wireless smart door locks solves consumers' concerns and requirements for traditional door locks.

1. For safety, the wifi smart door lock has a more complete protection mechanism. Anyone who unlocks, locks, or turns the lock can be grasped in time by you and your family.  

2. Perform remote control through the smart phone system platform, enter the password you set, and the door will automatically open for you.

3. No longer have to worry about you forgetting to bring your key or your mobile phone, your family can also unlock the lock for you remotely through operation.

There are many brands of wireless door locks on the market, good and bad, and buyers should choose the right brand when buying. With the gradual maturity and stability of technology, I believe that one day in the future we will no longer need traditional keys.

The unlocking process of traditional electronic door locks is more complicated, the failure rate is relatively high, and the power consumption rate is also high... As the projects are unfolded one by one, more and more industry peers and customers are beginning to realize the traditional electronic door lock itself There are problems, such as the inability to view unlocking data in real time, the inability to issue blacklists in real time, etc., and the wiring troubles at the same time. Compared with traditional electronic door lock technology, wireless networked door locks communicate wirelessly between each lock point and the management center, which can solve the effects of traditional wiring methods, such as aesthetics, inconvenience in construction, and potential safety hazards. shortcoming.


Wireless networked smart locks not only consume less power, but are also smarter and safer. There are many brands of wireless smart door locks on the market, good and bad. To buy a wireless networked smart lock, you must go to a regular online store or door lock manufacturer to buy genuine products!

Smart locks are more expensive than mechanical locks. Why?

Is the smart lock safe? Will it be stuck?

1. A smart lock integrates more than 20 disciplines including materials, mechanics, mechanics, electronics, chips, biometrics, optics, and wireless IoT technology. From the perspective of university integration, the complexity of smart locks is not much weaker than that of mobile phones, and it is much higher than mechanical locks. The integration of so many disciplines brings bank-level security performance and a highly user-friendly experience.

2. The locks of the 1960s and 1970s are really different in appearance from the current locks, and they are not comparable. From the side, it also reflects that smart locks require more manpower and material resources than traditional locks in manufacturing time. Long, this is one of the reasons. Then, for a smart lock, it will take at least 24 months from function research, demand confirmation, appearance industrial design, mold opening to the final product launch. Fully twice as much as a mobile phone! It can be seen that the long period of time consumes manpower and material resources, which can be attributed to the cost price category. Everyone knows that value determines price, and value is the embodiment of a certain amount of labor time for a commodity. If labor time is long, the corresponding price will be higher, and there is a direct ratio between the two.

From product sales, installation, to after-sales maintenance, smart locks require large-scale offline deployment of enterprises. General users cannot complete product installation independently. After-sales problems are even more unlikely for users to send faulty products back to the factory for repair. These require on-site service from the door lock company.

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