Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.




Any locking system beyond the old-style metal door lock and a key mechanism will integrate some kind of technology. And each option comes with its benefits and limitations. While learning about some advanced hotel door locks technologies let me first briefly introduce you to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which is incorporated in today’s digital door locking systems.

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification is an improved approach to privacy and security and inexpensive technology. A digital locking system is also governed and implemented by RFID reader which validate and authenticates the user.  It also helps keep the record of the user's check-in.

Fuyu Hardware has been well-known for over 20years now as a world-class, high-quality door lockmanufacturer. Fuyu Hardware facilitates people with integrity and innovation who need smart security solutions and is committed to providing electronic security solutions to the hospitality industry. Fuyu Hardware has been able to manufacture products that match the needs of the customers. From among various electronic lock products, here I would like to talk about their electronic hotel lock - VISION II RFID which is specially designed for the fashionable and modern hotels.



Fuyu Hardware VISION II RFID series is intended for the smart hotels with the desire of making sure the lock perfectly fits with the trendy hotel environment. This latest electronic door locks series uses a comfortable, fashionable and simple design.

"The sparkling bright spot, not just the looks". A combination of Fuyu Hardware VISION II RFID series matte black finish allows designers and architects to maximize the hotel's fashion sense and enhance the user experience to a whole another level.


RFID Specifications: 13.56MHz technology

It is compatible with this standard: ISO 14443 A


Unconnected electronic lock with RFID technology.

Stainless steel high-security mortise lock case available in AUS, ANSI, and EURO versions.

Stainless steel handle with painting finish that stays long term.

Panic release function - the latch and the deadbolt are themselves retract by inside handle for easy retreat in case of emergencies.

For guests with physical disabilities - ADA compliant.

Four AA batteries’ power provides up to a 1-year normal life span.

BISHOTEL software compatibility.

Residential function and hotel function compatibility.


With worldwide famous Mifare contactless technology, it delivers more guest satisfaction: as no need for inserting keycard, thus providing easier access to the guest room.

Incorporates anti-hacker technology locks for more security.

Provide an exclusive experience for your customers and boost up the image of your hotel.

RFID keycards and carriers are adaptable for any style hotels. You can choose from wristbands, low-cost guest cards, and key fobs to match perfectly with diverse hotel type: Business, Spa and Resort, All-Inclusive.

More Information and Control: can give better management and information by on handheld Service Unit for real-time clock adjustment, entry record audit trail, etc.

VISION II RFID electronic lock is more productive and less expensive and escalates the check-in efficiency of your hotel.

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