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Smart lock maintenance tips, keep it company more longer!


As smart product for home life, the smart lock has some details that we need to pay attention to in daily use. Here are the maintenance items that we need to pay attention to when using the smart locks for apartments. Let's have a look.

Fingerprint identification

Fingerprint identification is a fast and convenient unlocking method. Fuyu intelligent lock uses semiconductor biological fingerprint technology, and the unlocking time is less than 0.1s. However, in autumn and winter, fingerprint recognition may not be so fast. If there is a recognition error, do not press the acquisition window vigorously. You can try to breathe on your fingers to make them slightly wet and clean. The fingerprint acquisition window is easy to leave dust and dirt, which will affect the sensitivity of fingerprint identification. Therefore, the fingerprint acquisition window should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, pay attention to keep away from corrosive substances and wipe it with a soft dry cloth.


The password key area should be larger than the area of the fingerprint acquisition window. When entering the password, try to ensure that your fingers are clean and with appropriate force. Be careful not to press hard to avoid being scratched by hard objects and nails. Also, use a soft dry cloth to wipe when cleaning.

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Low battery reminder

The smart lock china needs battery power supply. After the smart lock indicates that the battery is insufficient, it should be replaced in time. The battery of the smart lock should be an alkaline battery of good quality to ensure that the positive and negative electrodes are installed correctly. Do not mix the old and new batteries. For lithium battery charging type, please charge in time when the china smart door lock prompts the low battery reminder, and operate the charging process with dry hands to avoid leakage and electric shock.

Emergency key

The emergency key has a relatively low presence rate for users who use smart locks. Some people worry that the key hole will not be plugged in and out smoothly if it is not used for a long time, so it is not advisable to add lubricating oil to the key hole. Because the lubricating oil is easy to stick to dust, the accumulated dust is easy to form dirt, resulting in more door lock failures. The most common feedback from users of smart fingerprint door lock is that the door lock cannot be opened because it is not charged. It is best to keep the mechanical key in the car, office or at the home of relatives and friends in case of emergency. All Fuyu smart locks have the function of emergency charging, and can be unlocked in outdoor emergency charging without mechanical key.

For the smart lock, the handle is the key part of the door lock, and its flexibility directly affects the use of the smart lock. Therefore, try not to hang heavy objects on the handle, so as not to damage the balance of the handle. After verifying the fingerprint or password, you can press down to open the door. The simple and fast unlocking method eliminates the need to hang the handbag on the door handle, which is convenient and fast.

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