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Some suggestions of how to choose a right biometric door lock


Just read an article about biometric door lock, below I attached with the content and comparison with FUYU lock:

After moving to a new house, I was locked out of the door twice in half a year. I had to wait for my wife to come home to save me. So the idea of buying a fingerprint lock came up. I read 40 or 50 articles about various locks before and after, plus the latest purchase. Experience summary part of one-sided feelings.

First compare traditional locks and smart locks. In contrast, smart locks have only two advantages: they look very advanced and they are very convenient to use. The disadvantages are more:

1.The smart lock with more unlocking methods theoretically has a greater chance of being stolen, just like the keyless entry of a car. Copy fingerprints, small black boxes, mechanical keys, etc.; while traditional locks can only use mechanical keys, and the highest-level mechanical keys on the market require professional machines, which are generally not matched by the masters with locks.

FUYU biometric door lock: Maybe he needs to read more articles or go to the fair to see more smart locks. With the rapid development of technology, the smart lock are getting more and more security. Such as our FUYU keyless door lock, because we adopt FPC fingerprint sensor, which makes the fingerprint not able to be copied, as well as the small black boxes, which is actually means Tesla coil interference unlock, fuyu digital door lock also have inspection regarding this issue and have got quality test report by authoritative organizations.


2.Smart locks consume power. Powerful and poor-quality locks consume fast power. You need to change a set of batteries at the earliest in about 20 days. The mechanical lock is set once and for all.

FUYU digital lock: most of the digital lock needs a lot of power consumption is because of they need lithium battery, and the lithium battery is also not safe under certain conditions, so FUYU digital lock only use Alkaline battery, which is cost-effective and longer life(normally can be used for 1 year depending on the frequency of usage)  

3.Smart locks are afraid of failures. Smart locks are counted as electronic products, but there are no electronic products that do not make mistakes. When the smart lock crashes, it may not be opened and can only be demolished, or it may not be locked and can only be replaced. The smart lock embedded module has one more electronic module than the traditional lock, so the stability of this part must be considered when purchasing. Even if the traditional lock fails, people with a little hands-on ability can repair it by themselves because of the simple structure.

FUYU digital lock: the complete lock is made in house, including the trim die-cast, lock case, cylinder, and even the circuit board. All the accessories are under strict quality inspection to ensure the stable performance.

By instance, if the lock have problem, and even without battery, only use a key could open the door.

4.The overall weight of the smart lock. People who say that the heavier the better, I can only laugh without saying a word. This is why the domestic cars have been lengthened and the speakers have added a lot of unnecessary iron. My home has a single-hole lock body, and the smart lock manufacturer I bought this time has stopped producing the single-bolt lock body, because the single-bolt cannot support the weight of the smart lock, and there are often problems.

FUYU keyless door entry lock: We do agree with this opinion, and it’s not right to judge a smart lock by weight.

After all, it’s good to keep an eye on each aspect of the smart deadbolt lock, such as the life cycles, securities etc. And we hope you all find your idea smart lock.

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