Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Styles of Door Locks


A New Contemporary Lever with Hard Lines and Edges

The major trends in home door hardware style today is a shift from smooth edges and curves to hard edges. Door hardware style is also moving towards individual pieces of hardware.

Door Hardware Style – Appearance

Door locks styles are now becoming squared and angled. Door lock manufacturers are shooting for a more contemporary look with their product lines.

You’re most likely familiar with circular deadbolts and rosettes (a rosette is that part behind the knob or lever that holds the hardware against the door), and levers with wave-style patterns. That’s all changing.

Door Hardware Style – Individual Hardware Pieces

Additionally, for the most part, various door lock manufactures in china have gotten away from integrated handle sets where the deadbolts and levers where contained within one piece. They are now separate components. It makes for a much more universal installation and swapping out of parts later on if desired.

Door Handing For Levers – More Flexibility

If you don’t want the expense of a handle set, current door hardware style is to use levers instead of knobs. Just keep in mind, you’ll need to buy two pieces for the door, the lever and a matching deadbolt sold separately.Residential door levers are now, more often than not, field-reversible. This means that the handle on the door can be made to point in either direction so it will fit either left or right-handed doors. This makes the purchase of door levers much easier, as you no longer need to take door handing into account when buying new door hardware.

Door Hardware Style – Smart Locks

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New Electronic Deadbolts Don’t Cover Footprint of Old Deadbolts

The lock industry is finally settling in on an electronic door lock style that makes sense for the homeowner. The newest smart door locks are easy to use and should not see significant changes for the several years to come.

The newest smart locks china are all touchscreen, lending to a clean look particularly suitable for the contemporary door lock styles becoming popular.

The one thing that bothers me tremendously is that the new smart deadbolts do NOT cover the old footprint of even the most common standard deadbolts. This leads to a bit of scaring and touch up needing to be done to the door so that you can’t see the indentations of the old lock not covered by the new lock.

Does the Exterior Door Hardware Need to Match the Interior?

No, the exterior door hardware does not need to match the interior. One of the simplest ways to update the look of you home is to simply replace the front door hardware. If there is another door or closet that is close to the door you are swapping the door locks on, and you are concerned about the flow of the home if you swap the exterior door hardware do these two things:

Buy new door hardware in a finish that matches the existing hardware. The will create a more subtle changes.

Go for a new design style that is in a manufactures transitional line. You’ll get an updated look that trends towards the more hard lines with some of the softness already present in your older style of hardware.

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