Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


The door lock is divided according to the purpose


According to the purpose of the use, the door lock can be divided into: entry door lock, bathroom lock, channel lock, bedroom lock and so on.

1, Entry door lock: A lock that locks and unlocks the outside lever with button/turn on the inside. The key on the outside will either retract the latch and/or unlock the outside. Inside is always free egress.mainly plays the role of safety insurance, and is often called insurance lock and anti-theft lock. The entrance door is the first facade of a home, it must have this property. Common ferrule steel door locks and multiple safety door locks in life.

2,bedroom door lock: There are many reasons why you may be starting to consider putting some locks on the doors for the rooms in your home. Whether it is just to have some extra privacy while you are changing or spending time by yourself or with others, then you may truly need to have a quality lock.

It is important to choose one that comes with a way to unlock it both from the inside and outwards. This means having a key that you can keep on your personally or hide nearby in the event that you need to get back in.

The bedroom door locks are generally secured in the bedroom and must be keyed to open from the outside, making them ideal for use in bedrooms and balcony doors.

3,channel lock: The channel lock is generally used on the sliding door, mainly for the handle and windproof function of the door, and does not have the insurance function. Often used in the kitchen, restaurant, children's room, study door locks.

4,bathroom lock: The bathroom lock is actually one shot with the normal door lock, but there will be an emergency opening device installed on the outside, and there is also the ability to distinguish whether someone is unmanned. Common hand locks and ball locks of the same type.Sliding door lock is commonly used for bathroom.


A full bathroom mortice lock is a larger mechanism with a latch bolt at the top and a dead bolt further down (a rectangular shaped metal component). You will see a much longer metal plate (face plate) on the edge of the door. If you have a tubular mortice latch in the door, then you have a 'privacy' handle.

Place the door lock against the face of the door on both sides and pencil in the hole on the door lock where the door handle has to be drilled into. Drill two holes through where you made the marks. Remove wood shavings. Next, fit the door lock in the hole and screw it into place.

For whatever reason that you need to start putting more locks in your house, you should know that searching for the perfect one should not and does not have to be a difficult process. All of the locks in Fuyu Hardware are high quality and will get the job you need done and at a fair price.Take a good look through and match up the lock you think is best with your doors and house.

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