Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


The features of fingerprint door lock


Modern office design is made of glass, it shows the high-end office and fashion. However, the locking of glass doors has always been a problem, and many people have to compromise on this issue with various aesthetically pleasing locks or chains, or dig a hole in the floor for a floor lock. Fuyu glass door fingerprint lock, solve this big problem fundamentally , Fuyu fingerprint door lock is simple and convenient, safe and reliable: no holes, no wiring, this section can be installed anywhere in the glass door, without external wiring or computer network , No matter in the performance, safety and beauty can be a perfect solution, making your security more reliable and convenient, can also open the door through the phone app, as well as open the door record feedback, remote alarm and so on.

The main function of fingerprint door lock


Fingerprint lock features: fingerprint open, password open, magnetic card open, phone APP background open. Fuyu fingerprint door lock function in addition to open the door, there are added, delete and empty fingerprinting, intelligent level is higher, the operation is relatively convenient and can provide operation guide, check the use of records and built-in parameters, set the status and other functions. Fingerprint management functions are: increase fingerprints, delete fingerprints, empty fingerprints, set system parameters and many other features, while ordinary users only open the door function.

Power supply

Fuyu fingerprint lock manufacturer power supply in two ways, one with 4'' 5 alkaline batteries, generally can be used for about a year; The other is the use of rechargeable power supply, emergency open the door.

Garbled privacy

Virtual password combination, the use of virtual password technology, no matter you are in the correct password, followed by a few digits, as long as the middle of a continuous correct password, will be able to unlock for the natural fingerprintless consumers, which is an additional option for keyless unlocking

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How to deal with problems in using smart door lock

With the development of smart home, more and more smart products go into people's lives, especially using the smart anti-theft smart fingerprint lock without a key to unlock. How we should handle the problems encountered in the use of fingerprint locks

1. my mechanical key can not be used

With the fingerprint lock, the key is not commonly used, and many people put the key up.When occasionally took it out to try, but the key can not open, the vast majority because of the key is wrong!  If the key is right, the key is still not open, you should  find the customer service to check it.

2. Why brush the fingerprint, showing the fingerprint verification failed?

Many users who are not particularly understand tuya fingerprint door locks will have such a problem, it is clear when entering the fingerprints is the right little finger, but the door with a fingerprinting is the left index finger.

Fingerprint lock only chip no brain, no way to remember the owner, so not just a finger brush can be opened, we must brush the original entry of the fingerprint.

3. I brush the fingerprints, lights are bright, but can't open the door

This is the installation of the problem. After installing the fingerprint lock you must test many times to confirm it can normal using.

4. the fingerprint lock button does not respond, the lights are not bright

Mostly because the fingerprint lock out of battery.So, we should remember, If the fingerprint lock in the low pressure alarm, we should replace a new battery. Changing a new battery can be used for a long time.

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