Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.




At present, many doors on the market are randomly matched with cheap door hardware. The poor physical properties of these door hardware results in a short service life. What’s more, it may leave a serious safety hazard to the door.

The door hardware system has both static and dynamic effects coexisting, and they must be met at the same time. Many door hardware on the doors have poor mechanical properties, resulting in inflexible opening of the door, large shaking and unreasonable configuration of the door. This is the result of not paying attention to the door hardware.

In addition to meeting physical and mechanical properties, a truly good door hardware must also meet the following conditions:


1. Easy to operate

2. Standardization and serialization

3. Adjustability

4. Strong load-bearing performance

5. High safety performance

6. Wide application

7. Strong application performance

With people’s continuous pursuit of quality life, the quality requirements for doors are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for door hardware are getting higher and higher. The development space of doors is broad, and people are constantly pursuing higher quality and higher taste doors. Brings endless imagination to the development of the doors.

The combination of the high-precision door hardware and high-precision profile materials can produce a high-quality and high-grade door. Combining the two together requires the door lock manufacturer and door hardware manufacturer to spend great efforts on the structure. In addition to the design and production, it also requires coordination between the two to achieve this.

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