Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


The production process of entrance handle locks is indispensable from R&D to production and assembly!


There are hundreds of processes to produce entrance door lock, but it is roughly divided into these directions: product development and design, mold manufacturing, die casting production, component polishing, electroplating, lock body and cylinder assembly, product quality inspection. Product R & D and Design

Product design includes appearance design, function design, size, etc. Product design needs to be market-oriented, rigorous, and feasible, and needs to be considered in the design process. For example, appearance design should consider the realization of function and mechanical design. The realization of the algorithm requires the cooperation of algorithm design. Therefore, judging whether a gate door lock enterprise possesses innovation and strength, we can see the clues by looking at its product update cycle. 

news-The production process of entrance handle locks is indispensable from RD to production and asse

Mold manufacturing

The mold is mainly a mold of mechanical parts. To manufacture excellent gate door lock product molds, not only need to be equipped with advanced equipment, high-quality mold steel, but more importantly, an experienced mold master. Experienced mold masters use advanced equipment to research, develop and debug molds to ensure the accuracy of all mold sizes and thus ensure stability. 

Die casting production

Die casting is the production of self-made pressing parts of various types of locks. The main mechanical components of the gate entrance lock housing are die-cast and cut by a die-casting machine. Lock trim often use a one-time die-casting process. This process increases the difficulty of die-casting and the requirements for plates, which can effectively strengthen the strength of the product, thereby ensuring the safety of the product to the greatest extent, and taking into account the overall appearance of perfection. 


Parts polishing

After the die-casting of the mechanical parts of the entrance door lock is completed, it needs to be polished. The main thing that needs to be polished is the trim. The polishing process of the trim is composed of several important processes such as surface cleaning, grinding, polishing and anti-corrosion treatment. The effect of polishing indirectly affects the aesthetic effect of the finished mechanical door lock and the durability of the surface. Therefore, polishing must have a standard process and clear process links. The common is the polishing process of four processes, including the first coarse sand, the second fine sand, the third fine sand, and the final wind wheel white wax polishing, can not leave a little flaw spots. 

news-FUYU-The production process of entrance handle locks is indispensable from RD to production and


Electroplating is the final step in the appearance of a entrance main door lock. Its effects involve multiple processes and factors. Different electroplating enterprises, electroplating masters, electroplating bath compositions and processes have different effects. 

news-The production process of entrance handle locks is indispensable from RD to production and asse-1


After the trim and mechanical parts of the gate entrance lock are made, the whole lock can be assembled. The final assembly uses a combination of semi-automatic production and manual auxiliary production, and at the same time combines scientific and reasonable assembly processes, divides the assembly positions into dozens of positions, makes the assembly more reasonable, strengthens the efficiency of the assembly process, and improves the assembly quality . 

Product quality inspection

As the final link of product production, product quality inspection is very important to the quality of the product. Therefore, a good mechanical door lock brand will pay special attention to the quality inspection process and quality inspection standards. First of all, a entrance handle lock product needs to go through tens of thousands of simulation unlocking tests, explosion-proof and anti-wear tests, high-temperature tests, water-proof humidity test, hydroelectric acid anti-corrosion test, pressure test, etc. performance. During mass production, quality inspectors will check the appearance and function of the assembled locks and various accessories to ensure that each factory-made entry door lock can be used normally and stably.

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