Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


The spirit of locksmith is worth learning


A person with hard work, meticulous, honesty first, understanding, gratitude, such a person should make a friend. To: Locksmith

Locksmiths bear hardships and stand hard work

Those who run the market on hot days, patiently keep shop all day, engage in activities every three or five times, often hold meetings to study the market, and train and study several times a year. In the wind, in the rain, wearing stars and the moon, all those who struggle are lockers. Such a person is hard-working and positive. It is only reliable to find such a person as a friend.

The locksmith is careful and considerate

  Since we chose to make locks, we should not only have professional knowledge of locks, but also pay attention to details. Now consumers are demanding high, slightly neglected will cause complaints. So locksmith people, will be very attentive to do a good locksmith, in every radian, every corner strive to perfect, details show humanization. Because such locks are not only sold to customers, but also used by their families, they are more attentive than anyone else. Such people are worth making friends.

Locksmith Honesty First

  They are well aware of the pain of debt collection, but also understand the troubles of their families because of the problem of locks affecting their lives, so they will put themselves in the customer's mind, will put integrity management in the first place. Sometimes, when customers overcharge, they will find customers in time to return, such people I know a lot. I am proud to be friends with such people.

Locksmiths are considerate

   They will be happy to share the good things and make progress together. Maybe some of them are not good at business, but they are kind-hearted. They say that when they deliver the door to the customers, they will deliver it on time. They promise the customers when they go to set up the door and never break their promise. They treat their customers'problems as their own and always try their best to solve them. Because of their kindness, let us more users, rest assured that the use of safety locks, also let the locks industry develop actively and healthily... In fact, it's good to have such a friend! 

Locksmiths are grateful

People who make locks have a strong sense of responsibility and filial piety. They work hard to be filial to their parents and do their part to create good living conditions for their families because they have a grateful heart. They are aggressive in the factory and serve the company because they are grateful to their boss for creating a big platform for their development. So wherever you go, you can see the open smiling faces of locksmiths. They get rich by their hard work. They embrace life with gratitude. It's your luck to make friends with such people.

People who make locks bring us too much positive energy. Even if they don't do business with such people, they can make friends. You will find that if you have such people as friends, your life will be much happier and happier...

Learning from the spirit of locksmith people has made a solid step towards the long-term goal of "striving for excellence, manufacturing high-quality products required by customers, scientific and technological innovation, and solving the security worries of millions of households".


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