Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.




Doors are the first gateway to our home and the means to keep us safe and protected from the outside world. They regulate the entry and exit of visitors and keep unwanted elements outside the house. However, only the presence of doors cannot guarantee security as they can be broken and their door locks can be dismantled. Hence, door security needs special consideration and effort.


There are many advantages of investing in securing your door from intruders. Not only it protects you and your family when you are inside the house, it protects your valuables as well when you are not in the house. Stopping the intruders at the very entry will help in avoiding unnecessary confrontations and damages. Alarm systems should be the last resort for protecting a home.

Sliding doors need a different type of protection as their digital door locks can be broken easily. However, their right use with security products makes them a better option than other doors. Double doors are riskier as compared to single doors as they can be kicked open easily from the adjoining portion. Glass doors without security devices do not offer protection as many thieves do not break glass but lift it out of the frame.


There are many products available in the market that meets various requirements. You can choose from simple chains to CCTVs for securing your entrance. A single door has separate products as compared to a double door. Doors that are operated through a controlling system have different requirements. Thus, the type of product and its feature will vary based on your needs and requirements.

Door Chains are the simplest form of security. They allow the door to be opened slightly to peek outside before opening the door completely for an outsider. But they can be easily broken by force and are not the most optimum form of security. Breakage resistant windows and lenses allow a peek outside without the need for opening the door. Sliding bolts, latches and hooks are other devices that can be installed.

Deadbolts are security device that prevent impact and lock bumping but these are also not very safe. Door strike-reinforcers prevent the door from breaking in case of kick-ins and bumping. One form reinforces the frame through metal strips installed vertically. The second type of these devices connects the deadbolt pocket of door frame to the wall with a big screw. A combination of two is good for security.

Door Alarms are also very popular and they signal a forced breakage. They rink a loud alarm in case any intruder opens the door with force, thereby, alerting the residents of the home, their neighbours and police patrols. However, they must be installed in the right way for the best form of protection.

CCTV cameras are the most advanced forms of security, especially if they are connected to a monitoring agency. The risk of getting caught on tape scares many intruders and in case a burglary happens, the recordings can help the authorities in catching the miscreants and also act as a proof in legal matters.

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