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Types of smart locks


With the development of science and technology and economic level, the types of smart locks are becoming more and more abundant, and the functions are becoming more and more complete. So how many types of smart locks are there on the market? Today, we divide smart locks from different dimensions and take stock of the types of smart locks on the market.


Way of opening the door

From the perspective of the most primitive door opening method, smart locks can be divided into two categories: handle models and push-pull models.


Handle smart lock

The unlocking mode of the handle smart lock is the closest to the mechanical lock, which requires pressing the handle to unlock. Handle smart locks are generally semi-automatic smart locks. After verification, users need to turn the handle automatically to open and lock the door.

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Push-pull smart lock


The push-pull smart lock, as its name implies, is unlocked by push-pull. Generally, it is a full-automatic smart lock. After verification, the door lock will be automatically opened, and after closing the door, it will be automatically locked. The user only needs to push and pull to complete the unlocking and locking.

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Biometric method


According to the way of biometric identification, smart locks can be divided into five types: password, fingerprint, face, vein and iris. Among them, password lock, fingerprint lock and face lock are more mainstream.


1. Password lock

Password lock is also the most common form of unlocking of early smart locks. Users can unlock it by entering the password.

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In the scenarios of online rental houses, smart lock for apartment door and public rental houses, password locks become the mainstream of applications because of their lower production costs and better delivery capacity:


The system only needs to encrypt the room number, check-in time period and other data, and can randomly generate a segment of password with disorder and randomness, and can add and change the password multiple times to manage the ordinary rent/resident.


2. Fingerprint lock


Fingerprint locks have become the most popular smart locks on the market due to various factors such as stable prices and high cost performance. Fingerprint identification technology is divided into semiconductor fingerprint identification and optical fingerprint identification technology. Most of the fingerprint locks on the market now use semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology. (Optical fingerprint recognition has been eliminated from the market due to its high reproducibility and low security.) However, it is often difficult to identify fingerprint locks when faced with people with damaged fingerprints and elderly people and children with blurred/light fingerprints.

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3. Face recognition smart lock


Face recognition technologies currently on the market include 2D face recognition technology and 3D face recognition technology. However, due to the lower security of the former, mainstream brands basically adopt 3D face recognition technology. 3D face recognition technology calculates the depth information of the face based on the principle of triangulation to judge whether the face matches, so as to verify and unlock the lock. With the continuous development of technology and Internet of Things technology, the application of face recognition technology in the field of smart locks has gradually matured, and has gradually become the mainstream trend of smart locks.

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3D face recognition technology is mainly divided into three types: binocular recognition technology, 3D structured light technology, and TOF technology. The anti-counterfeiting performance of these three technologies is better, and there are fewer problems such as photos, videos, and mask openings, and the security risks are relatively small.


4. Vein recognition smart lock


Vein recognition is to use the structure of finger veins for identification. Vein recognition technology is divided into finger vein recognition technology and palm vein recognition technology.

Currently, vein recognition technology is widely used in the field of smart locks. There are often many dense blood vessels at the end of the fingertips, and there is almost no repetition between people, and the timing will not be affected by abnormal skin on the finger surface, so the false recognition rate can be <0.0001%, and the false positive rate can be <0.01%, so Finger vein smart locks are highly secure, and many tuya smart door lock brands in the industry have launched finger vein smart lock products.


Palm vein recognition technology has a relatively large recognition module and stores more vein information, so the recognition speed will be reduced and the power consumption will be higher. At present, no related applications have been seen in the field of smart locks.


5. Iris recognition technology


The principle of iris recognition is to recognize the annular part between the black pupil and the white sclera on the surface of the human eye, which contains many interlaced spots, filaments, crowns, stripes, crypts and other detailed features. The iris is the only internal organ that can be seen from the outside, it does not wear out and is unique, therefore, in general, the iris can become the only biometric feature that can identify an individual.


Although in terms of security, iris recognition technology is far superior to fingerprint recognition and face recognition technology, but due to objective factors such as many recognition requirements, high module costs, and technical difficulties, the application of iris recognition technology in the field of household smart door locks is currently delayed. Belatedly failed to materialize.


Lock body type


According to the type of lock body, the smart locks on the market can generally be divided into smart locks using mechanical lock bodies and smart locks using electronic lock bodies, also known as rear motor smart locks and built-in motor smart locks.


1. Rear motor smart lock


Rear-mounted motor smart locks generally use a mechanical lock body, relying on square steel to drive the lock body, and can be automatically unlocked or manually unlocked after identification. The technology of the mechanical lock body is relatively mature, the cost is low, and the operation is stable, so it is widely used in the smart lock industry, but it consumes a lot of power, makes a lot of noise, and the application is not beautiful enough.


2. Built-in motor smart lock


The built-in motor smart lock adopts an electronic lock body, which can be automatically unlocked after identification and automatically locked when the door is closed. The technical threshold of the electronic lock body is relatively high, so the stability needs to be strengthened, but the electronic lock body relies on the motor to unlock, the power consumption is small, and the application is beautiful.


Additional features


In the past two years, in addition to the traditional types of security door locks, smart locks with additional functions such as peephole locks and networked locks have gradually been favored by consumers.


1. Cat eye lock


Users can check the status of the door at any time through the cat's eye installed on the smart lock, turning passive defense into active defense. At the same time, some cat eye locks will be equipped with indoor large visual screens, which integrate doorbells, door locks, and indoor displays, so they are very popular among consumers.

2. Network lock


Compared with cat's eye locks, online locks are more popular among young people. The networked smart lock can control the door lock through tools such as mobile phones, which is more intelligent, and can also upload a variety of door lock information, which is more secure, very convenient and safe.




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