Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.




Hotel managers should consider some things before investing in hotel door locks. Below are some features of good commercial rfid door lock that are very important to know before investing in these products.

Anti-burglar protection: this is an added characteristic that electric locks provides that the mechanical ones don’t possess. It refers to the anti-burglar bolt which refers to: when a door is closed and lock, the anti-burglar bolt, that is an undetected part installed in the lock, is also closed and will stop any try of using tools to break in.

Emergency escape: this is a great feature that not all companies include in their locks. It is a function that will help open the door quickly from inside even if it were locked. It allows for emergency escapes.

Privacy: When the “don’t disturb” sign is on the lock, the rfid locks for hotels will detect this and the access will be denied.  A red LED light is displayed on the reader and only the administrator’s card would be able to be used.

Energy consumption: this electronic lock consume very low energy.

Maintenance: these locks are normally powered by AA batteries, which normally can last for a year. This refers also to the last point of low energy consumption.

Additional safety: this is the perfect feature for hotels because it refers that there is one administrator card which means it has access to all areas in a hotel. This provides additional safety because no guests would be able to enter a room where they are not supposed to be in.

When it comes to secure hotel door locks, Fuyu Lock is an ideal choice. Specializing in the manufacture of electric locks, this product is perfect for those hotels with a more modern look. Its minimalistic design guarantees seamless integration with any decoration, plus there's plenty of finishes to choose from so that one can match it perfectly with its hardware and door of the building.

Handles: Stainless steel with SUS304 quality

Metal Finishes: Silver, Matte Black

Emergency Opening Options: Mechanical cylinder to work the lock from the inside.

Locking Mechanism: Electro-mechanical

Compatible with BIS HOTEL software platform.

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Some of its features are:

• For a higher security factor this lock has a mechanical override cylinder available.

• The way the locking mechanism of this electronic locks for hotels works is with an electro-mechanical locking mechanism.

•  long lasting painting finish.

• It has a special panic release function, this means that the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted form the inside of the handle for easy regress in case of an emergency situation.

• This hotel door lock has System Software Compatibility with the BIS hotel electronic door lock system.

• It has been proven to stand an storage temperature of -20˚C~60˚C in a non-condensing environment.

• It´s a standalone electronic lock that also has RFID technology.

• It’s made out of high security stainless steel mortise lock case that is available in a DIN version

• The material used in the production of the handle of the lock is stainless steel withr lock is powered by four AA batteries that are able to provide up to 1 year life time. With the battery been located inside of the door.

Nowadays, it is very common for hotels to invest in new technology so they can provide their guests with more comfort and safety. Because of this, there have been an increasing number of online retailers and distributors over the years for this product. Not only has the market grown, but the technology has developed as well, so that the product is not only useful but also attractive.

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