Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


What are the functions of smart door locks


Door locks, a must-have product in this household name. There is no doubt that the role of the door lock is to play a safety protection role, which is a kind of physical protection but also a kind of psychological protection. What is locked is that people are home, and everyone can rest assured.

In addition to this most basic security protection function, what other functions are there? Let us learn about it together!

Fully automatic smart door lock, the rear lock body has a built-in infrared induction mechanism. When the door is closed, the bolt is automatically locked, and at the same time a "" sound is sent to convey the message of the completion of the lock.

Compatible with 99% lock bodies on the market

Only changing the lock core, not changing the lock body, compatible with 99% of the international slow-opening body on the market, can turn a clumsy mechanical lock into a fully automatic smart lock. Sometimes, machinery and intelligence are only separated by a "core" distance.

Anti-theft without keyhole source

The difficulty of preventing technical unlocking is escalated, and the keyless lock core technology is adopted to prevent technical unlocking from the source and eliminate the danger from the source, making it impossible for the thief to start.

Excellent tamper-proof alarm system

When the lock body is opened by illegal violence, the anti-theft alarm system of the smart lock will send out a high-decibel ringing warning, and the external lock opener will automatically dial the bound mobile phone and send a text message to inform the owner, and learn about the danger as soon as possible.


Fuyu has meticulously designed up to four appearance colors for users to choose from, green bronze, red bronze, white chrome and local gold, to satisfy users' no-cost choice, and DIY their favorite door locks.

1. Dual power supply intelligent switching function

Rechargeable rechargeable lithium cobalt oxide battery. When the first battery provides power, the second battery is automatically cut off. When the power of the first battery drops to the set value, the second battery is started. At this time, the first battery is taken out and charged; When charging, and the second battery also drops to the setting, both batteries supply power at the same time.

2. Low power consumption function

The battery capacity is 2600mAh*2, and the standby current is 0.5mA. After fully charged, it can stand by for more than 12 months. It can be opened and locked 20 times a day, and it can be used for more than 3 months.

3. Low voltage reminder function

When the battery power is less than 50 times when unlocking and locking, a voice reminder will be issued, please charge it in time.

4. With fireproof, high strength

The unlocking and locking transmission system of the lock is fireproof. When a fire occurs, the lock can be unlocked normally; the violent unlocking takes more than 30 minutes to open.

5. Anti-oxidation does not fade

The panel and all accessories will never fade.

6. Large unlocking torque, not afraid of door deformation

The transmission system of the lock has a large torque, which can activate various lock bodies.

The fuyu smart lock is like a walking smart helper, all-encompassing, can avoid most unexpected situations, make your troubles no longer a trouble, and go out easily, don't worry about the embarrassment of forgetting the key, and you don't need to pick the lock to remove the troubles.

The humanized design of the smart lock enhances the convenience of application

As the functional types of lock products increase day by day, the adaptability to various application scenarios will naturally be significantly enhanced. Especially for places with relatively high anti-theft requirements, the installation of door locks needs to have a strong anti-vandal ability, but Taking into account that traditional locks have been difficult to adapt to the mainstream trend of the development of the industry, it is necessary to rely on high-tech security products to meet the needs of smart locks. After all, today's smart technology has significantly expanded the scope of application.

Adapt to complex security scenarios

Under normal circumstances, the application scenarios of locks are intricate. Whether it is a home environment or an office, the performance requirements of door locks are also different. However, the functions and styles of conventional locks are similar, and theoretically there is no difference. There is room for choice, which fully demonstrates the advantages of smart locks in terms of functions and design concepts. The key is that the humanized design can play a positive role in broadening the scope of applications.

Technology foresight

Although the application of smart technology is extremely common, the integration of smart technology into locks is still a forward-looking choice. This is also the reason why the market share of smart locks is rising. After all, this is for most of the security needs. It is said that they can be fully satisfied, and the more important thing is to fully demonstrate the value of smart technology in lock products, which is also of great benefit to the convenience of door lock applications.

Humanized function design

As a reference, it can be found that the intelligent development of lock products has become an inevitable trend. If more attention is paid to humanized features in functional design, then future smart lock products will naturally become security guarantees in work and life scenarios.

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