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What if the keys can not open the door lock?


Have you ever met such a situation? Sometimes he had the key, but he couldn't open the door. It may be because the lock cannot be opened, or the lock cylinder is broken. My son loves playing with keys, and suddenly turned the small turn inside the room, and I do not know how he passed it suddenly. When he came out, he locked it, and then we could not open it. !! !!


Do it by yourself

1. Use a card. In my unlocking records, many times, the first thing people try is to use is a card, put the card into the gap between the room handle door lock latch and the door frame, and you can open it. This of course requires skill, and the premise is that the lock should not be locked inside. In that case, it is impossible to unlock it.


1. Plastic bottle. Of course, it is not a direct use of plastic bottles. It is a small square cut out of a plastic bottle. The effect is similar to the small card, but it may be easier than the small card because the small card is relatively hard and this is relatively soft. You have to cut it before you can use it.


2. Metal hook stick. This is more professional, anyway, I am unlikely to use it. Seeing the operation of others is directly hooked from the peeping hole on the door, and then the door handle door can be opened. This requires a lot of skill, and the hook is more difficult to get.

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Call an unlocking company to help


1. Talk about the price in advance. Generally, there will be a small advertisement posted in each community to unlock it. If there are more, try to negotiate the price in advance. Usually he will charge a home service fee, as well as the cost of unlocking. This generally depends on the difficulty of unlocking, generally ranging from 100 to two or three hundred. I went through 300 once and changed the lock cylinder directly!

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1. Confirm a workable plan with the locksmith. If he knows it better, then he must let you know the quicker and least expensive way. The best way is to unlock the lock without damaging the lock core, so that it can be processed within about one hundred. If you want to change the lock core, then it depends on the price of the lock core. .

2. Ask two more companies. You can looking around. If there are many small advertisements outside, you can ask as many as possible, so that you can know an approximate market price. After comparison, you can also know which one is the most cost-effective. Of course, it must be authoritative, otherwise it will be troublesome if you still can not open the lock.

3. safety precaution. It is best to change the lock cylinder in time! It is best to replace your lock in time after others have unlocked it to avoid potential safety hazards. Of course, this case usually will not happen in a professional unlocking company. If it is a private locksmith, it is better to replace it.


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