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What if the smart fingerprint lock fails? Common problems and Solutions


Why the fingerprint lock cannot be opened

1. after autumn and winter, the weather is getting colder and drier, especially in the morning and on the beach. At this time, the skin on the surface of our fingers will become very dry, and the dry skin surface is very unfavorable to the collection of fingerprint images. If the image is not clear, the fingerprint features cannot be extracted naturally, so the fingerprint is not sensitive. Some people mistakenly think that the wholesale indoor fingerprint door lock is out of order, but this is not the case. In fact, it is very simple to solve this problem. Before inputting the fingerprint, you can put your finger on your mouth to breathe and make it moist, or wipe some hand cream to make your finger moist. In this way, you can solve the problem that the fingerprint cannot be opened because it is dry.

2. the hands are not cleaned, and there are colored oil stains at the fingerprints, which is not conducive to the collection of fingerprint images. If the images are not clear, the characteristics of the fingerprints can not be extracted naturally, which leads to the inability to identify the fingerprints; In this case, just wash your hands

3. fingerprint lock indicates that the door is unlocked but cannot be opened

Finger injury or serious abrasion of fingerprint, resulting in blurred fingerprint, and fingerprint lock can not identify fingerprint; At this time, we will have to re collect and enter fingerprints. In addition, we can record more fingerprints of several fingers. If one finger is blurred, we can try more fingerprints

4.the fingerprint lock has been used for a long time, and the battery equipped with the fingerprint door lock has no power, which makes the fingerprint lock unable to work normally; The battery runs out. Just replace the battery

Fingerprint lock indicates that the door is unlocked but cannot be opened

The fingerprint lock indicates that the door is unlocked but the door cannot be opened. Firstly, the battery of the fingerprint lock may be low. The user can replace the battery and try again. In addition, it may also be caused by the problem of the fingerprint lock motor. At this time, you can directly contact the fingerprint security door lock manufacturer or after-sales service. If the motor fails, you can repair or replace it.

What if the fingerprint lock is dead

1. How to open the door when the smart lock has no power through USB emergency power supply? Generally, the smart lock has a USB that can be charged. However, it is difficult for most mobile phones to be played by everyone all day. Therefore, many people will carry USB and power bank with them. I have to say this is a good habit. At the lower end of the front panel of the smart lock, there is a ∪ sb power supply hole, which can be used for emergency power supply through the power bank and can be used to open the door.

2.the emergency mechanical key is usually provided with the emergency mechanical key for opening the smart lock. If the smart lock china is powered off, it is necessary to open the door with the emergency mechanical key. The key hole of the smart lock is either in the middle lower part of the front panel or at the bottom of the front panel. When using the smart lock, you should remember to put the emergency key in the office, in the car or in a good neighbor.

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How to change the battery of electronic fingerprint lock

A battery box is installed on the back of the china fingerprint security door lock, which can be opened directly. The appropriate number of batteries can be correctly installed into the battery box according to the positive and negative poles. When the battery is powered on, a dripping sound prompt will be sent, indicating that the replacement is successful. If you are away from home for a long time and the fingerprint lock is used less frequently, it is recommended to prepare the emergency battery

Fingerprint lock key failure

◆ the keys of fingerprint lock do not respond

Most of the reason for this is that the fingerprint lock has no power. Just replace the battery. The fingerprint lock will give a low-voltage alarm when the power is almost exhausted. If there is a low-voltage alarm, replace the battery quickly. Normally, the battery of fingerprint lock can be used for more than a year! But sometimes when we use it for half a year or a year, remember to open the battery cover to see if the power is sufficient

◆ insensitive fingerprint lock

This is related to the fingerprint recognition rate. If it is a normal fingerprint, it can certainly be recognized, but it is difficult to recognize a shallow or broken fingerprint. It is recommended to use a fingerprint door lock with high recognition

◆ fingerprint lock display screen does not light up

1. the power of fingerprint password lock is insufficient, which may cause this situation. The solution requires replacing the battery.

2. the fingerprint password lock battery is in poor contact. The solution is to use the standby power supply to unlock the door lock system or use the mechanical key to unlock the door, and then reinstall the battery to ensure normal power on

3. the above operations are invalid. Please contact the local seller or manufacturer for maintenance immediately

◆ what if the fingerprint lock flashes

1. the power of fingerprint electronic code lock is insufficient, which may cause this situation. The battery needs to be replaced, or the battery contact is poor. The backup battery can be used to start the door lock system to unlock or the mechanical key can be used to open the door

3.if the above operation is invalid, please contact the local agent immediately to repair the goods and contact the manufacturer.

◆ fingerprint lock login timeout

If the position of the fingers is not standard, the fingers are placed too late or the external light is too strong, operate again according to the procedure.

◆ fingerprint lock handle is loose

Use a cross screwdriver and pointed nose pliers to adjust the screws and pressing ring nuts in the handle hole. It is recommended to press down the handle while fine-tuning to feel the force until the force is appropriate.

◆ what if the fingerprint lock handle does not rebound

Insert the key into the lock hole. Rotate back and forth, and lift the door handle up with the other hand. If the key is inserted into the lock hole and cannot be screwed, it indicates that there is a problem with the lock cylinder. At this time, use a thin hairpin to stretch into the lock cylinder, and turn it up, down, left and right for several times. Repeat this for several times to rebound. Be careful not to turn off the key during repeated screwing. When using the anti-theft door, the opening and closing force should not be too large, which is easy to damage the door handle.

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