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What is Heaven and Earth Hook in chinese speak


Heaven and Earth Hook, a word that must be paid attention to when installing the intelligent high end smart lock. It is more common in domestic anti crowbar doors for a simple reason: it looks safe. So why do many households explicitly express that they do not support the Lock body with hook when installing the smart lock installed for safety, and why do many smart lock installers say that it is better to remove the hook from lock body? What impact does the Lock body with hook have on safety.

What is Heaven and Earth Hook in chinese speak( but actually is lock body with hook)?

Speaking of Heaven and Earth Hook, let's understand its principle and function first. Common door locks will pop up the main latch on the side of the door. On this basis, the top hook and the earth hook will increase the number of latch that can pop up above and below the door, so that the door can be more firmly fixed on the door frame. The extra lock tongue goes up and down one by one, hence the name "Heaven and Earth Hook".

The function of the heaven and earth hook is also very simple and clear. By increasing the locking points, the door can be prevented from being pried open by violence to increase security.

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Why is heaven and earth hook unnecessary?

The heaven and earth hook can resist the risk of the door being pried open under the condition of "violence", but it will not defend against technical unlocking. From what we have learned, the vast majority of domestic theft cases are technical unlocking, that is, unlocking and entering the room by simulating the situation of opening the door with the correct key.

Not only that, in the case of fire and other hazards but unable to use technology to unlock, the latch of the heaven and earth hook will increase the difficulty and time of breaking, which is very unfavorable for fire safety.

When installing the smart lock, the master suggested removing the heaven and earth hook. However, the lock body of this smart lock china supports the heaven and earth hook, but the master did not install the heaven and earth hook. Instead, he took time and effort to remove the heaven and earth hook. Looking at the removed heaven and earth hook, he felt distressed and lost some sense of security.

For tuya intelligent locks that support driving the sky hook and the earth hook, most of these intelligent locks use the force of human hands to drive the lock tongue. The intelligent lock body needs to bear more resistance, especially on some door locks that are in disrepair for a long time, which can be directly reflected in the fact that the force required when pressing the handle is very large, and excessive weight is likely to cause damage to the internal structure of the intelligent lock body. After all, the internal structure of the intelligent lock body is much more complex than that of traditional mechanical locks.

Many full-automatic intelligent door locks need to drive the latch directly through the motor inside the lock body, which has a relatively large load. If the heaven and earth hook is added, it not only requires a more powerful motor, but also consumes more power. Therefore, many fully automatic intelligent locks have cancelled the support of the heaven and earth hook. Therefore, for modern families, the heaven and earth hook is really not so important. As for the reason why the smart locks for apartments was removed only when it was replaced, it must be because I was too lazy to replace it before replacing it.

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