Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


What is the principle and structure of door locks


The pin door locks belong to medium and high-end door locks. It has strong security and anti-prying properties. The stainless steel handle lock or oxidized colored handle lock has a beautiful appearance. The structure of pin knob door lock including: installation key, button, knob, latch, large button tube, notch flange, hook baffle, outer plate, small tube, slider, screw flange, large lock tube. The ball-shaped knob door lock is composed of a cylinder, a lock body, latch, and a knob. In the introduction of the main part structure, the main parts of the lock tongue and lock body mechanism are mainly introduced. The structure of these parts is compact and complex, and each part has multiple functions. I. Locking mechanism

The tongue lock mechanism is an actuating mechanism of a ball lock, as long as it is composed of a large lock tongue, a small lock tongue, a large bracket body, a small bracket body, a pull piece and a brake piece.

1.Large bracket

The large bracket is the main part that drives the movement of the large bolt. Zhongshan FUYU hardware Company is the main body for the installation of the large bolt. The head of the large bracket body is a riveting part of the large tongue. The rectangular hole in the middle can be matched with the mounting ear on the pull tab. The outer step is the snap-in groove of the brake pad. At the same time, when the large bracket is pushed and retracted, it is not obstructed by the slider jaw.

2.Small bracket

The small bracket body is the main body for the installation of the small tongue, and is the main element for controlling the self-locking of the large tongue. The head of the small bracket is used to assemble the small lock tongue, and the protruding triangular part in the middle is used to push the brake pads to eliminate the self-locking of the brake pads on the large bracket {the large bracket is pushed and retracted}.


The pull tab plays a role of positioning and releasing the self-locking when the large lock tongue is pulled and retracted. The hanging ears on the top of the pull-tab can be inserted into the rectangular hole in the middle of the large bracket body, so that the large bracket body can be pulled together and retracted, and can also slide in the rectangular hole when the large bracket body is pushed and retracted. The support angles on both sides of the pull pad can flip the brake pad to release the self-locking of the brake pad to the big bracket {when the big bracket is retracted}. The small circle in the middle of the pull tab is used for positioning itself. The two side protrusions can make the large bracket move in the groove formed, and the lower bayonet can be inserted into the slider clamp and moved under the control of the slider.

4. Brake pads 

Brake pads are self-locking originals with large locking tongues, so that the large locking tongues have the function of preventing prying. Its bottom two claws are used for installation and positioning. Springs can be installed in the middle square hole to provide power for resetting the brake pads. The top plane is the braking plane and can be snapped into the self-locking part of the large bracket. Second, the lock body mechanism

The lock body mechanism is a conversion mechanism that turns the rotation of the handball into the translation of the lock tongue to achieve locking. The transmission parts mainly include lock big tube, small tube, slider, hook baffle, button large tube, hook and other parts.


1.Large lock tube

The large lock tube plays the role of fixing the lock head and transmitting torque, and is the skeleton for installing handball. The two shifting feet extended from the head of the lock tube are used to move the slider, the two raised parts are used for axial positioning, and the middle three holes are used to install the pin leaf spring and the large tube pin piece. The big tube pin can be pushed down to prevent the handball from moving. It is the key to the handball loading and unloading. Two wide grooves at the end of the large tube are used to install the lock head. When the big pipe is round, there is a wide gap at the interface. Its role is to cooperate with the handball's internal ribs to prevent the handball from turning radially on the big pipe. It can also cooperate with the hook to prevent the outer handball and the big pipe. Rotate around the threaded flange.

The magnetic door lock is composed of a door lock and a lock base, and magnetic material is added to the tail end of the door lock or the contact portion between the lock base and the door lock to make it attractive. In this way, the function of fixing the door leaf can be achieved without separately installing a door suction, which makes the structure more compact and beautiful, and it is more convenient to install and use; and the lock seat also has the function of protecting the wall.

Check the performance and structure of the door lock. Select an anti-drilling lock. After the drill is drilled into the lock hole, the lock will rotate synchronously with the drill when it is rotated, which can prevent the lock from being damaged. The lock requires a three-way locking structure. There are 3 hinges for single door and 6 hinges for double door. The door leaf and door frame are concealed. Even if the hinge is knocked off, the door cannot be opened. At present, the locks on the fire door market are relatively confusing, roughly divided into three categories: Class A locks are technically qualified if they cannot be opened in 1 minute; Class B locks are technically qualified if they cannot be opened in 5 minutes; Super Class B locks cannot be technically opened in 180 minutes qualified. The number of locks on the door and the number of plungers is best to choose a door with two locks each controlling two plungers. Even if it can be destroyed, it will delay time. Generally speaking, one lock can control 3 to 4 plungers. Such a door has poor anti-theft performance. Once the lock is damaged, several plungers will lose their effect at the same time. Some users find the lock too much troublesome, and it is not desirable to use one lock to control multiple pins. General high-grade solid wood composite doors, the core of which is mostly high-quality white pine, and the surface is solid wood veneer. Due to its small density, light weight, and easier control of moisture content, the finished doors are lighter and less prone to deformation and cracking. In addition, the solid wood composite door also has the characteristics of heat insulation, impact resistance and flame retardancy, and the sound insulation effect is basically the same as that of the solid wood door. The price of the original wooden door, which has always been named the "expensive" show, ranges from 6000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. If the merchant quotes the raw wood door within 3,000, then the wood of this kind of door is not good. Generally, the price of the raw wood door of high-grade wood is as high as 4, 5 thousand or even 6000. Some businesses pretend to be a solid wood door and sell it at the price of a solid wood door, which is actually misleading consumers. As a high-end raw wood door in the solid wood series, during the processing, the wood must be subjected to a series of dehydration, drying, and mechanical properties. Among them, the important index-moisture content is between 6% and 12%. Can guarantee the stability of the entire wooden door. When the main color in the living room is light, you should choose cold-colored wooden doors such as white oak, birch, and mixed oil; when the main color in the living room is dark, you should choose teak, Sapele, Wooden doors in warm colors such as walnut. The color choice of wooden doors should also pay attention to the color tone of the furniture and the ground, and contrast with the color of the wall, which is conducive to creating an atmosphere with a sense of layering. When removing the stains on the surface of the wooden door, wipe it with a soft cotton cloth, it is easy to scratch the surface with the hard part.

A multi-tongue anti-theft door lock is composed of a handle part, a main lock part, and two auxiliary lock parts respectively connected through two auxiliary links, so that the rotation of the handle part completes the interlocking action of the main lock and the auxiliary lock part to achieve locking and opening. purpose. The unique structure of the door lock greatly improves the rigidity and strength of the locked door. The door frame can withstand the longitudinal and horizontal tension without causing strong deformation and damage. Because it has lateral and upper and lower telescopic and multiple locking tongues for locking In addition, a lock core protection sheet that cannot be drilled and damaged is installed at the front end of the lock core, which overcomes the defect that the traditional structure lock is easily pried by external forces, so the anti-theft performance is greatly improved, and the structure is simple and easy to use.

(1) The main lock part (2) is fixed on the door frame, and the racks (4) of the main lock part are hinged and integrated into one body through two pairs of links (3). (5) The handle member 6) is connected to the shaft hole of the main lock member, and is characterized in that the auxiliary lock member (7) and the slot plate of the auxiliary lock member are respectively fixed above and below the main lock member.

In today's society, intelligent life has begun to spread, and people's lives are becoming more and more dependent on intelligence. In the intelligent family, smart door locks are one of the important roles. Because smart door locks are becoming more and more popular with consumers and hotels, as consumers should know more about buying smart door locks, I will teach you how to buy smart door locks today!

Smart door locks are divided into IC card door locks (plug-in card type), magnetic card door locks (plug-in card type), proximity card door locks, and TM card door locks. Currently, the most commonly used are proximity card door locks and IC card door locks. First, we must analyze according to our own needs. 2. The cost of the system is suitable for installing that type of door lock.

Because smart locks are different mechanical door locks, and smart locks involve mechanical, electronic, and computer systems, it is recommended to choose mature brands with good reputation. At present, there are many smart lock brands in China, but it is estimated that there is less than 10% of the full production capacity. Whether the manufacturers' development, production and after-sale conditions are standardized enterprises and whether they have a comprehensive quality management system. Many users have purchased products because they have insufficient purchasing experience or only require cheap ones (those brands may have cheap door locks, but other accessories or card issuers are very expensive, and the price of maintenance is thousands of dollars when free shipping). After a period of time, the manufacturer may not be found, or there is a quality problem. An irresponsible manufacturer is found. The manufacturer believes that improper use of the user results in failure to give maintenance or high prices for accessories. The above phenomenon is even difficult for the court to decide. Even if the user wins the non-standard brand, they may change the company name and choose to evade, and the non-standard brand may eventually be worth the loss.

To repeatedly insert the card or induction magnetic card to open the door for normal operation, there should be no response, error, or random motor rotation. To investigate the information of the brand door lock, the clock capacity is not easy to be confused, as long as the performance of the smart door lock is checked for stability, those so-called additional functions may not have practical effect. A door lock with its own error correction circuit should be selected. If you choose an immature product, you may not be able to use or maintain it. Fuyu intelligent door lock circuit is controlled by microcomputer chip. The circuit comes with information error correction function to make the circuit process information more stable. Induction door lock adopts dual clock correction error rate is very low. Induction door lock uses wireless data acquisition device for door lock maintenance, It is very convenient to collect the door open record data

When buying, it is claimed that the copper panel is made of copper or steel plated with imitation gold, and the stainless steel plate is made of 304 stainless steel or ordinary stainless iron which is 2 to 3 times lower in price. Users can also choose PVD surface treatment. PVD surface treatment will not fade for 15 years under normal use. Such as the use of ordinary electroplated surface depends on whether the door lock surface is sealed with protective paint. Fuyu hardware has always insisted on the real materials of the product, such as the nominal pure copper panel and handle must be pure copper, and the nominal 304 stainless steel material must be 304 stainless steel. Pure copper forging uses imported high-quality brass rods. PVD can sweep the sand and light edge in the middle. The thickness and weight of the panel can be guaranteed. The plating layer fully meets the salt spray test standard. It is generally recommended that users use PVD, sand sweep chrome, and stainless steel for surface treatment. And developed a precision cast stainless steel panel. Make the door locks as beautiful as new three or five years after installation.

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