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What is the prospect of smart lock?


Is smart door lock worth doing? Is the return on investment of smart lock high? These questions are often asked by many friends who are interested in the smart lock industry. Can smart locks be done? Let's take a look:


Evolution liberated human feet and made people learn to walk upright. Science and technology liberated human hands and freed human brain. Now technology is more and more developed, and everyone's life is getting better and better. Smart home is no longer out of reach and has become the trend of the future.


Intelligent door lock, in short, refers to a lock that is different from the traditional mechanical lock and has been improved in science and technology, which is more intelligent and simple in terms of user safety, identification and management. If classified, the smart door lock should be included in the home intelligent security, and it is the executive part of the door lock in the access control system.


So how did this product with the dual characteristics of science and technology and traditional locks appear? In recent years, the scale of smart home market has been expanding, and the diversity of smart home products has gradually shifted from traditional electrical appliances to traditional non electrical products such as door locks. With the change of users' consumption concept and the loopholes of traditional security products, users' demand for smart security products is also increasing.


Under various conditions, high-tech security products such as intelligent door locks and monitoring equipment, with their unique characteristics, better make up for the shortcomings of traditional security products, and then meet the new needs of users. Therefore, more manufacturers see the business opportunities, and the overall industry is beginning to take shape.


Six development trends of intelligent lock industry


1With the increase of popularity, the industry will blowout.


With the continuous maturity of the market education of the intelligent door lock industry, the continuous improvement of consumers' acceptance of intelligent products and the continuous increase of industrial promotion, the penetration rate of the intelligent lock industry will be greatly improved, which is expected to exceed 100%. Moreover, with the improvement of the penetration rate, the intelligent lock industry will also usher in a new outbreak period.


2Pay attention to consumer brands.


After nearly two decades of market cultivation, the smart lock industry has a sound foundation for consumer brands: a large number of consumer side promotion rather than industry side promotion, the sales volume of single products began to exceed the sales volume of accessories, the brand promotion is becoming stronger and stronger, and new products are developed according to the needs of consumers.


Therefore, with the further increase of market promotion, more and more enterprises will pay more attention to brand development and consumer demand


3The trend of Internet and integration into AI industry is obvious.


With the rapid development of the Internet industry, the Internet trend of China's intelligent lock industry will also be irreversible, especially the functions of remote management and collaboration with other products of intelligent lock products based on mobile Internet will be strengthened;


At the same time, with the further optimization of AI technology, the effective control of popularity and cost, the AI of smart home industry and the AI trend of smart door lock products will also be reflected.


4Safety, convenience and applicability will become the mainstream of products.


In the final analysis, intelligent lock products are the upgrading products of mechanical locks, safety products to further improve the use performance of china smart security door lock products, and the God of people's privacy and safety.


Therefore, while its security has been further strengthened, it will also be transformed from passive protection to active defense; Secondly, ease of use has also become one of the mainstream products


5Online and offline integration will make purchase more and more convenient.


With the rapid development of "new retail" and the increasing popularity of mobile Internet, the trend of offline and online integration will become more and more obvious. The market space of online and offline homogeneous, same standard and same price will become larger and larger, and more and more will be accepted by market consumers. Even if conditions permit, new business models will hatch, And the scale and volume may be large.


Moreover, with the deepening of "new retail", online and offline will enjoy their respective flow, passenger flow and technical benefits. At the same time, consumers will be more and more convenient to buy and enjoy products and services. The smart lock industry is expected to complete most of the online and offline integration in the mainstream channels in the next few years.


6There will be a professional team in the market service.

The specialization of market service has been reflected in the intelligent lock industry a few years ago. Several intelligent lock installation and after-sales platforms have emerged, and the feedback effect is also in line with the law of industrial development.


However, with the further expansion of the industry increment and the higher and higher requirements of consumers, it is expected that there will be a professional service team in the intelligent lock industry.


In addition, from the perspective of users' attention to smart locks, the market response is becoming stronger and stronger, and the awareness of smart locks is also increasing. From the search situation of Baidu Index (see the figure above), the number of users searching for "smart lock" is increasing year by year, and smart lock has gradually become the first choice for young users.


From the perspective of wechat search index, the attention of users is also very high. From May to August 2017, at least 100000 people were using wechat to search the relevant contents of smart locks every day; When the search index was the highest, it even exceeded 260000 person times, which shows the popularity of China smart lock.


In the Chinese market with a penetration rate of only 2%, due to the large capacity and rapid development of China's intelligent lock market, Haier, ZTE, Midea, Dahua, Haikang, 360, Xiaomi, Skyworth, TCL, Midea and other industry giants have entered the intelligent lock industry. However, these enterprises all choose to cooperate with the existing professional manufacturers and enter by means of OEM.


It can be seen that the smart lock will become one of the industries with the most investment prospects and value in the field of smart home in the future. Therefore, more capital and more giants will join in the future, and the "Three Kingdoms kill" situation of the smart lock industry will last for at least four or five years.


In this bright future, please contact Fuyu. Fuyu can provide you with high-quality products and professional OEM customized services, and deliver goods quickly.


Advantages of Fuyu:


1It has a professional production base, covering an area of more than 20000 square meters


2Have their own stamping workshop and die-casting workshop


3Introduce two fully automatic CNC production lines


4Specially set up a product laboratory to ensure the high quality of products


5There are high-quality raw material suppliers, which can quickly provide raw materials and ensure rapid delivery


6Professional design team and engineering team to provide customers with professional OEM services.

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