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What should I do if the smart lock is out of power? Worried things finally happened


A few days ago, the china smart lock in my home was suddenly cut off due to a battery died. When I went home to open the door and found that the screen was not bright, I knew that the most worrying thing had finally happened. Thinking of putting the spare key in the parents' house, but not wanting to get it, I had to call for help.

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"Honey, the door lock for home is out of power. When you go home, bring a charged power pal and data cable." I put down the fruit and vegetables in my hand and found a chair in the hall to sit down.

"Okay, no problem" Don't ask him why he promised to be so refreshing, because he is a person who always has a power pal with him. How to play mobile phone all day long without power pal.

Even if you really don't have a power pal, in China you can easily find a supermarket and spenda little money to rent a power pal by using your mobile phone to scan code.

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After waiting for about ten minutes, the rescue arrived. At the lower end of the front panel of the smart lock, there is a USB power supply hole, which can be used for emergency power supply through the power pal. After plugging in the power pal, I waited for less than a minute and only listened to the drop. The screen of the door lock turned on. At this time, I used my fingerprint to unlock, and the door opened normally.

After returning home, quickly change the battery (4 pieces of 1.5v AA alkaline battery), then the smart fingerprint door lock works well.

This experience can be said to be the treatment of the textbook version. In short, if you encounter the problem that the smart fingerprint lock is out of power, at least you have two solutions.

1.Connect temporarily with USB

At present, the smart locks on the market are reserved for Android USB temporary power connection interface. You can take out your power bank, or ask your neighbor to borrow it, or rent one from a small store downstairs. After the power is connected, the semi-automatic intelligent lock may complete the identification fingerprint pressing and unlocking. For the fully automatic smart lock, because the voltage provided by the USB does not match the voltage required by the fully automatic fingerprint lock, a buffer time of 1-2 minutes may be required. But if the automatic fingerprint lock itself has a boosting device, then this problem will not exist.

2.Use a spare mechanical key

Although you don’t usually need to take the key to open the door, it doesn’t mean you can leave the spare key at home. Where should I put the spare key? Companies, cars, relatives' homes, bags, etc. In short, put it where you can get it when you need it. This way you can open the door with the key even if there is no electricity.


Of course, if there is a system promblem, and you don’t have a spare emergency key, you can only find the firefighter to turn the window into the room or perform violent demolition. After all, it is not feasible to find the china smart lock suppliers to unlock the lock. Faced with a smart lock equipped with a C-level lock core, the locksmith is also cannot do anything. C-level lock cylinders are difficult to be unlocked by technology, and because the location of the keyhole design of the smart lock is not very convenient, the method of finding a locksmith to unlock the lock is not applicable.

Yesterday, the smart lock has been replaced with a new battery. Although it only took a day to open the door with a key, everyone felt particularly inconvenient. Sure enough, people who have used smart locks can never go back.

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