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What should we do if your smart lock running out of power


Smart lock is a very good household product, which is safe and convenient for our daily life. However, the smart lock china is in a non-stop working state. The motor drive, standby, password input, screen are quietly consuming power, resulting in the smart lock running out of power and unable to enter the door. What should we do?

A good smart lock will not suddenly run out of power

Since the smart locks for apartments needs electric drive, it involves the problem of power consumption. Therefore, many users worry: what if the smart lock loses power? Will you be rejected? In theory, there is a real risk that you can't go home without electricity. However, as long as the smart lock meets the relevant national industry standards, it will not be turned away because the battery is out of power.

Mechanical key hole must be reserved for electronic lock in case of emergency. Of course, with the smart door lock, 90% of users choose not to take the key, because the key has the defects of missing or forgetting. However, in case of accident, it is recommended that users reserve an emergency key in their office, car or bag.

Relevant industry standards have strict requirements on the battery and power consumption of the smart lock: the working current of the battery shall not be greater than 500mA, and the working current in the sleep state shall not be greater than 50 μ A. The battery capacity can ensure that the lock can be opened and closed normally for 3000 times without under voltage alarm indication. In case of under voltage alarm indication, it can still ensure that the normal opening and closing operation is not less than 50 times. FUYU intelligent lock factory has been complying with and strictly installing this standard for production.

What should we do if the smart door lock running out of power?

So the smart lock really can not open the door after running out of power? In fact, the answer is no. As a smart lock factory, FUYU intelligent lock manufacturer also thought of this and made targeted design.

FUYU smart lock has set up a USB emergency charging port at a specific position on the panel, so that the smart lock can temporarily supply power through the 9V power bank when there the lock is no power. Now the power bank is very popular.  Everyone will have one in their bag. If you don't have one, you can borrow it from your neighbors. It's very convenient.

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1. The smart door lock was used a dry battery. How to select and replace the battery?

If your smart fingerprint door lock use dry battery, please choose the alkaline battery of the same model, because the acidic battery (also known as carbon battery) is highly corrosive, and the shell is constantly involved in the reaction during use. If liquid leakage occurs, the lock will be corroded, and the metal may be partially oxidized, or even cause short circuit and fire. It is recommended that users choose high-quality alkaline batteries.

2. The smart door lock was used a lithium battery. When should it be charged?

Relevant data show that the lithium battery of the china smart door lock has a service life of two to six months. According to the actual use and door conditions, there is no fixed charging time. When the system prompts "low power", the lock can be charged in time. There is no need to worry that premature charging will be bad for the battery.

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