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Which lock is better, mechanical lock or fingerprint lock? Fingerprint lock is safe or unsafe?


There are many different types of locks currently on the market, and the common one is mechanical locks. However, with the development of technology, fingerprint locks are more popular in many people's homes. So which is better, mechanical lock or fingerprint lock? Fingerprint lock is mainly controlled by chip. Is it safe to use fingerprint lock? How to choose fingerprint lock when buying?

1.Which is better, mechanical lock or fingerprint lock?

1) Is the mechanical lock good?

  Mechanical locks are relatively common to install. Generally, they are more suitable for doors, and the installation is relatively simple and convenient.

  Mechanical locks need keys. Each room door needs to be equipped with several keys. The keys can be lost or even copied. If you forget to bring the key, it will cause inconvenience, which is more troublesome.

   When opened, it is easier to pry open, and its anti-theft coefficient is relatively poor. Ordinary mechanical lock technology has low opening ability.


 2) Is the fingerprint lock good?

   The security of the fingerprint lock is relatively high, and it has sex. It is also very simple and convenient to operate, don't worry about not having the key. Fingerprint management in the fingerprint lock is very convenient, and it is more suitable for residential houses, villas, office houses and rental houses.

  Fingerprint locks are very stylish and generous in appearance. Fingerprint password technology is the development direction of locks. Its fingerprint recognition rate is high and it can accurately compare fingerprints at a large angle.



2. The fingerprint lock is safe or unsafe

   The security of the fingerprint lock is related to its own firewall. If the program and functionality of the general fingerprint lock are compared, the security will be relatively comparatively better. For some relatively backward locks, the anti-virus software and Trojan horses in them are also relatively backward. If there are people who know the relevant knowledge, the smart door locks will be easily destroyed.

However, fingerprint locks on the market are generally multi-functional. No matter what function the fingerprint lock is, it needs to have a key function. Generally, the mechanical keyhole in the regular fingerprint lock is an ultra-B grade lock core. The security is still very high, so in general, the fingerprint lock is still safe.


3. How to choose a fingerprint lock


1) A spare mechanical key must be available

   Seeing whether the fingerprint lock has a spare mechanical key is an important part of choosing a fingerprint lock. If there is no spare mechanical key, there is no need to consider it.


2) select the lock cylinder

  When choosing a lock cylinder, it is best to choose Super B level, that is, when choosing a lock cylinder for a C level lock cylinder, you need to pay attention to distinguish the true and false lock cylinders in time. Generally, fake lock cylinders on the market are difficult to prevent theft.


4. square pin

   Square pin is a key part of the fingerprint lock. Generally, the problem that the fingerprint lock cannot be opened is the square pin. The square pin on the market is generally divided into two types: broken rod and through rod. Generally, a good fingerprint lock uses a broken lever, because the broken lever can prevent the cat's eye from opening and violent unlocking from the outside.


5. lock body

  When purchasing the lock body, you can choose the lock body that suits you according to the lock body of your door. Generally, large fingerprint lock factories can purchase additional lock bodies by themselves.

   The above is about the mechanical lock and the fingerprint lock which is better, the fingerprint lock is not safe, and how to buy the fingerprint lock. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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