Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Why digital door lock so popular now?


Digital door locks are stylishly designed on the appearance, which make people feel bright. Especially as people's income level increases, digital locks are changing from a fashionable and trendy item to an indispensable part of the family life of more and more people. But as a relatively new thing, people still have questions about digital gate locks. Today we will answer a few common questions.

Are digital door locks safe? Smart keyless door locks are very convenient, but in addition to convenience, whether it is safe is a key factor that people consider. After all, smart door locks provide a variety of unlocking methods such as fingerprints, passwords, Bluetooth, swiping cards, wifi unlock etc. If any of these unlocking ways have problems, it is easy to become the target of thieves. Not only will the consumer's vital interests be greatly harmed, but also the fatal blow to the smart lock company will be sufficient to affect its foothold in the industry. First of all, at present, most digital door locks are equipped with the highest-grade C-level lock core, while the traditional door locks are more A-level lock cores.

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C-level lock cylinders need to be recognized by the public security department. They not only need a longer unlocking time, but also have a very low percentage of mutual opening rate in a certain area. Take the FUYU digital entrance lock as an example. Except the C-class lock core. If it is forcibly opened by external forces, it will automatically alarm to remind the owner, community security and surrounding personnel to provide additional protection. This function is not available for a lot of traditional door locks. In addition to high-grade lock cylinders, comprehensive security measures are also characteristics of many smart entrance locks. Take FUYU Digital Lock as an example, it also provides multiple security protections such as virtual password technology, automatic door lock, guest password, anti-door viewer pry lock, one-step lock and invisible fingerprint, covering all life scenarios in consumers' daily lives .


How about the cost performance of smart door locks? Compared with ordinary door locks, smart door locks are really expensive. The so-called one-for-one price and one-for-one goods, the intelligent door lock is greatly improved in convenience on the basis of ensuring safety. It is reasonable to buy an internationally renowned lock brand that is safer, more convenient, and more secure in quality. The value of smart door locks is also reflected in many user-friendly designs, to the greatest extent to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience you will encounter during use. For example, the silent design of the Yale lock allows you to close the door every time you will not disturb the rest of the elderly and children. Of course, you can also switch to normal mode easily, and you can hear the steady, familiar closing sound every time. Should we choose smart door locks? Door locks are a one-time investment and the first guardian of family safety. Choosing a safer and more convenient door lock is more important than anything. In the highly intelligent moment, it will be the choice of many consumers to upgrade their door locks from traditional key door locks to high-end atmospheric smart door locks. After all, in the face of millions of housing prices and hundreds of thousands of decoration, thousands of yuan of smart door locks are very cost-effective. If you change the smart lock once, you can get the long-term stability of the family. Why not do it?

When you buy a smart door lock, you buy a safe and convenient one, and it is also a worry and trust. Choose a smart door lock from a well-known global brand and experience the new life brought by high technology!

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