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Why do we need to remove the multi-point system hooks from multi-point mortise lock case?


When buying a smart lock, many users pay more attention to the function and quality stability of the smart lock itself, and do not understand the installation problems.

    The installation of a smart lock is very important, it greatly affects the service life of the smart lock and the user's final evaluation of the smart lock.

    First of all, before starting the installation, the installer needs to inform in advance that the installation is destructive, the door needs to be punched and cut. After that, if you don’t want to use the smart lock, the previous mechanical lock cannot be re-installed on the door.

Secondly, the installer needs to inform the user that it is recommended to remove the  multi-point system hooks from multi-point mortise lock case to avoid the situation that the door cannot be opened normally if the problem of the multi-point system hooks happens. Many times, the multi-point system hooks fall off, even if there is no problem with the smart lock itself, it can only be solved by destroying the door.

The multi-point system hooks resists the risk of the door being pried open under "violent" situations, but it does not defend against technical unlocking. From what we all know, the vast majority of domestic thefts are unlocked by technology, which means to unlock and enter the room by simulating the situation of opening the door with the correct key.


The earliest reason for the appearance of the multi-point system hooks is based on the anti-pry design and the anti-insert opening design. Because a single latch is difficult to prevent violent damage, especially when the distance between the door and the door frame is large, the latch is very easily deformed or worn by external forces. Of course, there is no need to consider this situation when the resident locks the door and the deadbolt pops out. The function of the multi-point system hooks is equivalent to adding two deadbolts for privacy mode.

As unlocking technology continues to evolve and upgrade, unlocking methods have also become diverse. More than 70% of locks in China domestic theft cases are unlocked through technical unlocking, the multi-point system hooks become useless, because once the lock cylinder is opened by technical unlocking, all the bolts will be stowed, the door will get opened easily.

The common application of the multi-point system hooks in the family door is because the multi-point system hooks work in different direction compared to the latch and bolt to realize the horizontal and vertical two-way fixation. Technically, it is not more secure, but to a certain extent, it makes the door stronger and the anti-violence coefficient is higher. As we all know, there are very few cases that thieves unlock the door by violence. Therefore, the multi-point system gradually loses its effect. At present, the multi-point system is mainly to make the door more stable.

    Regarding the removal of the multi-point system hooks, many users will be reluctant. This is actually caused by loss aversion. Although these multi-point system hooks does not make any special contribution to the security but can only prevent violent breaks, many users still feel that something has been lost to remove the multi-point system hooks.

    A few smart door locks support the multi-point locking system, but it is still recommended to remove the multi-point system hooks because the privacy function of the smart lock is very convenient. If it is a semi-automatic smart lock, lift up the handle to open the privacy mode; if it is a fully automatic smart lock, the privacy mode will be automatically opened. If the multi-point 

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