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Why is it recommended to replace the smart lock?


What are the advantages of smart locks?

Due to the development of science and technology, the use of smart lock china makes our life more convenient, eliminating the trouble of forgetting to bring the key to enter the house. About smart locks, many consumers have many questions in their minds. Of course, users are most concerned about Is it safe or not, then today I will answer your questions in a unified way

1. Is the smart lock safe with a mechanical lock?

In the impression of many people, electronic things are definitely not as safe as purely mechanical. In fact, the smart lock is a combination of "mechanical lock + electronics", which means that the smart lock is developed on the basis of the mechanical lock. The mechanical part is basically the same as the mechanical lock. The C-level lock cylinder, The lock body, mechanical key, etc. are basically the same, so in terms of anti-technical opening, the two are actually comparable.

The advantage of china smart door locks is that because most smart locks have networking functions, they have functions such as anti-pick alarms, and users can view the door lock dynamics in real time, which is better than mechanical door lock in terms of security. At present, there are also visual smart locks on the market. Users can not only monitor the dynamics in front of the door in real time through their mobile phones, but also remotely. Overall, smart locks are much better than mechanical locks in terms of security.

2. Are smart locks expensive? What price smart lock is good?

When many users buy smart locks, the price is often one of the factors to consider, and the headache for consumers is that the smart fingerprint door lock that cost hundreds of dollars and the smart locks that cost thousands of dollars are not the same in appearance and function. Not much difference, so not sure how to choose.

In fact, the price of a qualified smart lock is at least around 1,000 yuan, so it is not recommended to buy a smart lock of two or three hundred yuan. One is that the quality is not guaranteed, and the other is that the after-sales service cannot keep up. After all, it costs a few hundred yuan. The profit of smart locks is very low, and manufacturers will not do business at a loss. We recommend buying smart locks with a price of more than 1,000 yuan. If you have money, you can choose higher-end smart lock products.

3. Is the smart lock easy to be cracked?

After the small black box incident, the current smart locks can basically resist the attack of the small black box, because enterprises have upgraded their smart lock products.

As for copying fake fingerprints, it is actually a very difficult thing. The copying program is more complicated, and network attacks can only be done by hackers. Ordinary thieves do not have this ability to crack, and hackers do not bother to crack the intelligence of an ordinary family. Lock, besides, the current smart lock has made great efforts in network security, biometric security, etc., and it is no problem to deal with ordinary thieves.

4. What should I do if the battery is dead?

What should I do if the power goes out? This is related to whether the user can go home, so it is also very important. In fact, users do not need to worry about the power problem. First of all, the current smart lock power consumption problem has been handled very well. A handle smart locks for apartments can be used for at least 8 months once the battery is replaced. Secondly, the smart lock has an emergency charging interface. It only needs a power bank and a mobile phone data cable to charge it in an emergency; in addition, if it is really out of power, there is no power bank, and a mechanical key can continue to be used. It is worth mentioning that most of the current smart locks have low battery reminders, so basically there is no need to worry about the battery power.

5. Can the fingerprints still be used if they are worn?

Theoretically, a worn fingerprint cannot be used, so users can enter several more fingerprints during use, especially for people with shallow fingerprints such as the elderly and children, it is best to use a variety of alternate authentication methods, such as passwords , mobile phone NFC, etc. can also be used together, at least when the fingerprint cannot be recognized, you can also go home.

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Why is it recommended to replace the smart lock?

With the rapid development of technology in recent years, more and more smart products have appeared around us, such as mobile phones and smart speakers. Another example is the smart door lock products of the smart home series that we most commonly see. Also because of the emergence of smart door locks, it has also brought a lot of convenience to our lives. It has also caused more and more friends to replace their door locks with wholesale smart locks. It also makes many friends recommend smart door locks when decorating their new homes. So, what are the specific benefits of such a apartment smart lock?

Make it easy for kids to go home

1. The child is careless and often loses the key, and it is extremely inconvenient to change the lock with the lock.

2. Many children carry keys around their necks. When they are held hostage by criminals, there is a great potential safety hazard. Therefore, whether it is a fingerprint lock or a mechanical door lock system, please do not let children carry keys. In order for the child not to squat at the door and wait for the adult to come home and to be safe, it is imminent to change the lock!

Easy access for seniors

1. Memory loss often forgets the key, and the fingerprint lock is convenient and quick to open the door with fingers, face, password, etc.

2. I went to the supermarket to buy vegetables, carrying large and small bags. It is very inconvenient to touch the key again, and the door can be opened with a touch of hand, it is as simple as that.

Provide convenience for us who love to lose things

1. Adults often have the experience of being turned away because they cannot open the lock due to the lost key. People who have had such experience may feel helpless, but helplessness is helpless. In the end, you have to find a locksmith to unlock the lock, and you have to change the lock after opening the lock. Do you think it is annoying or troublesome?

2. Forgetting and losing keys is an indescribable pain for people who often lose their keys. In fact, often forgetting the keys is a disease, which is one of the manifestations of amnesia.

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