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Why is there no decoration key for smart lock


Now, many house developers have installed smart locks on the doors when they deliver the houses to owner.

When delivered to the owner, there were only two mechanical keys and no construction keys.

The owner is very worried about the safety of the door lock. In fact, there is no construction key for the smart door lock with two reasons: 1. People need to considering about the cost. 2. It is also not recommended to often use the key because the mechanical key unlocking is originally a backup scheme.

Fuyu smart lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, password or card. Even when the house in decorating, you can use the card or password function for the decorator. As long as you remember to restore the smart lock china to the factory settings after decorator had finished to decorated your house, clear all the information inside, and then re-enter the information of your family, you won't be afraid that others can open your door.

So for the above considerations, the smart lock is not required construction keys.

Of course, if the person in charge of a project insists on adding the construction key to the purchase contract, that is ok. Fuyu intelligent lock factory can provide corresponding lock cylinders with construction key design. But the price will certainly increase. After all, the price of this kind of lock cylinder and the cost of construction keys are there.

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Well, if your smart lock doesn't have a construction key, and you don't know these things during the house in decoration, you give the key to the decorator for use. Now you are worried about the safety of the door lock. Can I replace the lock cylinder?

Of course, the lock cylinder can be replaced. Just think, if you lose your key, you have to change the lock cylinder to solve it, right?

However, due to different designs, the lock cylinder of intelligent lock is divided into two types: one is the real plug-in lock cylinder, and the other is the false plug-in lock cylinder.

The structure and principle of the real inserted lock cylinder are exactly the same as those of the mechanical door lock. The only difference is the length of the key handle.

For the china smart door lock, in order to open it smoothly, the key handle is designed to be relatively long to ensure that the key passes through the front panel to the lock hole. If an ordinary key is used, the lock cylinder may be installed normally, but the key cannot reach the lock hole.

For the false plug lock cylinder, this is a kind of lock cylinder extended from the unique design structure of intelligent lock. Its working principle is completely different from that of mechanical lock. The lock cylinder can only be provided by the lock manufacturer.

No matter what kind of lock cylinder it is, if you buy a lock cylinder, you must take some money to change the door lock cylinder.

If you have installed a smart lock before decoration, it is recommended not to give the key to the decorator. Telling password or giving door card to the decorator. After the completion, restore the factory settings, and then re-enter the new password to ensure the safety of the door lock. If possible, try to install the smart lock after decoration. This can also avoid the knock on the door lock during decoration.


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