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Why smart lock is expensive? How long does intelligent lock can you use?


Nowadays, the China smart door lock market is more popular, and consumers who buy smart locks are also increasing. But as the market is hot, the battle of the price is also coming. So give consumers a problem, is a smart lock that purchases low prices, or buy prices expensive? Can the product quality guarantee? Also, why is the smart lock price a variable? Why do some smart locks sell so expensive?


The smart lock is expensive because the entire smart lock is from the lock core to the lock body, from the motor module to the fingerprint module, from the handle, each screw even each spring, will try to pick a first-class supplier, choose quality The components are assembled by professional pipelines. From the use of raw materials, the cost is much higher than the low-end, low-cost smart door lock, high cost, and the price will naturally be very expensive.

2. Workmanship

The expensive smart lock, finely crafted, whether it is grinding, or plating, or other crafts, as long as there is a little to rework, even directly discard.

How long does a few hundred dollar smart locks don't have a variety of problems, which may not be brushed by fingerprints, or power consumption, or fake fingerprints can be opened ... Various questions follow.

A few thousand smart locks, whether it is from raw material purchase, production process and factory testing, each process is strict, ensuring that each product has no quality defects can be listed.

These are difficult to do with hundreds of dollars best smart lock brands.


3. Functions

The expensive smart lock is not only functional and practical, but also stable and reliable. For example, if the customer is easy to overlook, after closing the door, some of the criminals can destroy the cat eyes and open the door lock from the interior using special tools. Many smart locks ignore this security, or because of the cost reason, it is not willing to increase investment in this area.

4. Service

Many products have been sold, and the transaction is basically completed. However, as a heavy-installed smart lock is not the same. After selling, it is not only required to provide fast-door installation services, but also provide post-maintenance.

The valuable smart lock manufacturers will definitely be safe, not only the problems that dare to appear in the face, but also give birth to reply and solutions within 24 hours of product problems.

Therefore, it is reasonable to sell expensive, and the service is a star enjoyment. Brand smart locks, not only more reliable, but also safeguards in service. The smart lock is not equal to termination, the service has just begun.

I believe that most people choose to install the smart lock because it is convenient to have a key. But the smart lock is an electronic product after all, many people will worry about the service life. So how long will we spend thousands of smart locks that we bought? In fact, it has a relationship with the quality and usage habits of the smart lock. Today, how to treat the smart lock in your home in everyday life!

1. When collecting fingerprints, do not use your "Great King Kong". If you enter your fingers, your fingers should be moderate. If you can't collect it, please try to take a good breath on your fingers, so that your fingers become moist.

2. After the fingerprint acquisition window is used, the surface produces dirt, and it can be wiped with a soft cloth to avoid affecting normal use.

3. The fingerprint lock panel must not be in contact with the corrosive substance, otherwise the surface coating is destroyed, and your security fingerprint lock can be "broken".

4. I like to hang something in the door handle? I don't know, because the handle is open, the key portion of the door lock, the flexibility directly affects the use of fingerprint locks.

5. Do not use alcohol, gasoline, diluent, clean or maintain fingerprint door locks.

6. Do a good job in waterproof protection. The fingerprint lock is an electronic product, although some manufacturers do waterproof protection, trust to avoid contact with water or other liquid, or immerse it into water or other liquid.

7. If you use more than half a year, please turn on the battery cover to check the battery to prevent the battery electroachageous from being invaded the fingerprint lock circuit board. If the battery has an oxidation, please replace the new battery!

8. When entering a fingerprint, it is recommended to write the encoded to avoid remember the encoding when you need to delete a fingerprint, avoid emptying the fingerprint gate lock.

9. The most basic way to open the smart lock is the fingerprint opening and password opening. Although most people choose the most convenient fingerprint opening, it is recommended to set a few sets of passwords at the same time, when the fingerprint is broken, the password can open the door, and If you have visited or urgent affairs, you can tell the password emergency door, and then delete your password afterwards.

10. Unprical self-decomposition disassembly. Fingerprint locks basically have a built-in precision complex electronic component, and non-professionals may damage the internal fittings or lead to other serious consequences. If you suspect that the fingerprint lock has a problem, it is best to ask a professional, or contact the seller directly to repair.

In daily life, remember to do finishing work for fingerprint locks so that it can accompany us longer.

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