Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Benefits of Smart Door Locks


The need for security has become larger than ever, and smart door locks are the answer to facilitating a safer home. They come with a bunch of benefits and serve both business owners and homeowners alike.

Smartphone-friendly systems

Bluetooth hotel door lock can help you in such scenarios, and all you have to do is pair your bolt with the phone to gain early access without a standard lock and key system.You can enable smart locks, but Bluetooth offers extra convenience and is super easy to integrate into the overall system.

Improved security

Improved security – The best smart door lock system provides better protection as no one can pick it like a traditional lock. The older solution would’ve been to come up with new locks, and that would’ve helped burglars to pick.

However, with the smart lock, keyless entry ensures no robbers can easily access the deadbolt. You can also have remote monitoring systems that tie smart locks to full-home or -office security. They also provide alerts in the events of any suspicious activities.

Convenience for elderly or disabled

Convenience for elderly or disabled – Older adults can sometimes have difficulties accessing traditional locks, and the automatic door lock systems for home can have a positive effect on their needs. Other people who could benefit include –

People with Parkinson’s


People with cerebral palsy

People who wear wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome

And more

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Sending e-keys

Sending e-keys – E-keys is a great way to allow people to enter the house when you’re not present. You can do so by getting a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock. The Wi Fi house lock will enable you to present an e-key for those who require access to your building. Some of the situations can include –

Renting out the house as vacation spots and allowing exclusive guest access

Allowing new owners to tour your home while you’re away

Letting friends chill while they wait for you and so on.

A large number of options in design and style to choose from 


Today’s smart high security front door locks are not only well known for providing undaunted and unfailing security but also add grace to your spaces and premises with a large number of designs and styles. Whether you need a simple and sober design or the most contemporary one as per the latest trends, you name the choice, and the manufacturer will provide you with whatever you want. You have a large number of options to choose from right from a simple smart doorknob to a futuristic one including keyless entry smart locks. You can choose any of the lock sets – the one like a traditional deadbolt or any other option that you think can add personality to your aesthetics.   

These door locks also come in different styles, colours, and shapes. They add a futuristic look to your home. The Fuyu lock is one such style and is a fantastic addition to any home.

Additional Benefits of Smart Locks

Other benefits come with getting yourself a smart door lock for your business, home, or relatives’ homes. These include not having to hide a key under the mat or at a designated spot, more convenient access for security features, and updating pins. You can also add/remove e-keys as you wish too.

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