Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Do you know Fuyu?


Do you know Fuyu? FUYU is the brand of FUYU intelligent lock. It has focused on the development, production and sales of intelligent smart door lock for many years, and has a professional door lock production and manufacturing base of more than 20000 square meter.


FUYU lock factory has gathered many experienced R & D elites and management talents. The core team has more than 10 years of experience in algorithm research, R & D, manufacturing and market development of intelligent locks. It has mastered skilled production technology and applied advanced lean production management mode. It implements strict quality management control for its R & D and production of intelligent high end smart lock, adheres to the high standards of international and industry, and focuses on the quality of every detail. After years of product research and development, market development and engineering application, with excellent technical performance, excellent quality, excellent cost performance and professional after-sales service, the company's fingerprint lock, password lock, induction lock and other series of products have been widely recognized by many professional customers in the same industry and formed a good reputation; Ordinary consumers have higher and higher awareness of our brand and quality.


FUYU smart lock has five unlock methods: fingerprint, password, card, key, wechat applet . There are so many ways to unlock, there will be one for you!


Low power reminder function: when the power is insufficient, it will automatically make a low power alarm to remind the owner to replace the battery in time to ensure the normal use of the door lock.


If you're worried about your friend's sudden visit and you're on the road, don't panic or "shut your friend out". Wechat applet has a temporary password and opens the door at any time!


If you forget to make an appointment for housekeeping service, and the nanny has been waiting outside the door, Send temporary password to easily solve the nanny's need to clean the door. It's another pleasure to see a clean and new home after traveling.


Like fake fingerprints? It will not work in FUYU intelligent door lock .FUYU smart door lock suppliers is equipped with a new high-tech, built-in intelligent semiconductor sensor, 0.5 second fast fingerprint unlocking, false rejection rate ≤ 0.01%, false recognition rate ≤ 0.0001%. The door lock is more intelligent and the family can be safer.


Of course, thieves will choose any means to obtain passwords for your property, such as peeping. However, FUYU anti peeping virtual password can hide the password between virtual and real. As long as you enter other numbers at will before and after entering the password to ensure that there is a continuous and correct password in the middle, you can open the smart lock china to prevent malicious cracking of the password, and avoid the embarrassment of inconvenient entering the password in front of acquaintances.


Are you worried that criminals will try to "crack" the password? FUYU will never tolerate this kind of "coincidence". If you enter the wrong password or fingerprint five times in a row, the alarm will be triggered. If you wake up the door lock before lifting it, the alarm will still sound, and the alarm will be lifted automatically after 3 minutes.


Finally, we should talk about its design and installation.


Anti prying alarm: when the lock body is damaged by external force, the lock will automatically send out a loud alarm to drink back the criminals.


Anti door-viewer opening: the door can only be opened by pressing the button in the door + the handle. There is also a manual anti lock button, which can not be opened manually.


Free handle: after locking, when pressed down the handle, the door cannot be opened, which can effectively protect the mechanical parts inside the lock from violence. Convenient installation, no need to worry about the door opening direction.


As the first line of defense of home, door lock security is very important! Fuyu intelligent lock has better safety performance and greatly increases the safety factor. Make sure your home is safe, comfortable and so different!


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