Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


How about Fuyu electronic lock


Different from the disadvantages of traditional mechanical locks, Fuyu intelligent locks not only have strong protection in terms of safety, but also show intelligent advantages in terms of user identification and management.


The smart lock uses multiple opening methods such as fingerprint, password, IC card and mobile app, which is unique and non replicable, and its security is higher than that of the mechanical door lock whose key can be copied.


The intelligent lock far exceeds the national class B safety standard to prevent the technology from opening for more than 270 minutes.


It also has the anti violence alarm function. Once it is found that criminals try to enter the house through illegal ways, it can not only automatically trigger the alarm, but also push the warning information to the user's mobile phone synchronously.


When we feel that the safety of mechanical lock is low and there are many disadvantages, Fuyu intelligent high end smart lock appears.


Fingerprint unlock

Fuyu smart door lock suppliers adopts living fingerprint identification technology, equipped with new high technology and built-in intelligent semiconductor sensor. It can unlock the fingerprint at a high speed in 0.5 seconds. The rejection rate is ≤ 0.01%, and the false recognition rate is ≤ 0.0001%. It is easy to "pry the lock" way of fishing in troubled waters. Moreover, if you enter the wrong password or fingerprint five times in a row, the system will automatically trigger an alarm to scare off thieves and ensure the safety of the family line of defense.


Password unlock

In order to prevent someone from maliciously stealing the password and trying to unlock it, the anti peeping virtual password is specially designed. Other numbers are input at will before and after entering the password. As long as there is a continuous and correct password in the middle, the door can be opened, which can hide the security between the virtual and real, and avoid the embarrassment of entering the password in front of acquaintances.


Smart magnetic card unlock

Fuyu intelligent door lock system has its own encryption function, and the intelligent induction card cannot be copied, giving you bank level security protection. Magnetic card unlocking is especially suitable for the elderly without fingerprints or with damaged fingerprints, as well as visitors who are inconvenient to authorize the unlocking password, giving you more options for opening the door.


Consider the design of intelligent door lock.

 news-FUYU lock-img

In terms of design, Fuyu intelligent door lock has enough voice. Its intention in material selection and design can be seen from the details.


1. Anti prying alarm: when the door lock body is damaged by external force, the lock will automatically send out a loud alarm to drink back the criminals.


2. Anti cat eye door opening: the door can only be opened by pressing the button in the door + the down handle. There is also a manual anti lock button, which can not be opened manually.


3. Free handle: after locking, the handle can be pressed down, but the door cannot be opened, which can effectively protect the mechanical parts inside the lock from violence.


4. Universal interchangeability: convenient installation, no need to worry about the direction of opening the door


5. 304 stainless steel lock body + galvanized plate + two-way flip tongue + anti-collision and anti prying main lock tongue, firmly guarding the first line of defense of family safety.


Fuyu fingerprint lock has multiple ways to unlock doors, such as fingerprint, password, magnetic card, Bluetooth and app. Since using the smart lock china ! Unlock in one second, one step faster!


1. Multiple unlocking methods, no need to worry about the key

Compared with traditional door locks, the biggest advantage of Fuyu intelligent lock is that you don't have to worry about your parents losing their keys. As the elderly grow older, their memory declines rapidly, and they forget to bring their keys when they go out more and more times. They find the lock master to open the door, and discard the lock once. Their parents are distressed and suffer If smart door locks are installed for them, they will no longer have to worry about forgetting their keys when they go out.


2. anti-viewer camera

 Fuyu smart lock has a built-in high-definition display, its own cat eye camera, real-time monitoring and capture, and the mobile app opens the door remotely. When you go out, you can also check the lock status and opening records through the mobile app. No matter where you are, you can know the safety of your home at any time.


3. Intelligent alarm


Generally, the traditional door lock is relatively easy to be damaged, and with more and more means of burglary, the door lock is pried open more and more. Once the thief enters, the personal safety of the elderly at home will be threatened, and they do not have the ability to resist. Once the thief enters the house and steals, the consequences will be unimaginable. If Fuyu door lock manufacturers in china' intelligent lock is installed, when the lock body is opened by external force, an alarm will be issued immediately to scare off thieves


Not only that, Fuyu intelligent lock also has anti cat's eye function, which can effectively prevent opening the door through the cat's eye from the outside; The virtual password function of anti peeping allows users to enter any number before and after the correct password, which can effectively prevent the password from being peeped and leaked.


4. Class C lock cylinder, safety anti prying


The lock cylinder is divided into three levels: A, B and C. the ENS intelligent lock adopts the C-level lock cylinder. The C-level lock is higher than the A and B-level locks in terms of anti technical opening, anti violent opening, lock tongue strength, lock buckle plate strength and lock body panel thickness.


As the first line of defense of home, door lock security is very important! Fuyu intelligent lock has better safety performance and greatly increases the safety factor. Make sure your home is safe, comfortable and so different!


FUYU smart door lock 6638B, safe and reliable.

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