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How long does the smart lock system lock and unlock?


During the use of the smart lock, multiple input errors cause the smart lock system to lock automatically. How long will the system lock before unlocking?

The locking time of smart lock systems of different brands is different. You can call the after-sales phone of fingerprint lock to ask, or you can check the manual of smart lock. The system locking time of the china smart door lock is generally about 5 minutes, and the system will unlock automatically after 5 minutes. If you can't wait, you can also use the emergency key to unlock the door and reset the system.

Why does the smart lock system automatically lock?

This is a protection function set for the security of the smart lock for security reasons. When the password or fingerprint is input incorrectly for six consecutive times, the smart lock will be locked for 5 minutes, and the password or fingerprint will not be entered, and an alarm will sound, effectively preventing malicious password theft or thieves.

Introduction to intelligent lock function:

1.intelligent lock unlocking function: fingerprint, password, magnetic card, remote control (customized), mobile phone remote (customized), and emergency key.

2.sound prompt function: there is a sound prompt when operating the smart lock china.

3.emergency door opening function: in case of emergency, the door can be opened with external power supply or emergency key. In case of fire and other emergency situations, the door can be opened quickly and safely.

4.low voltage alarm function: when the voltage is too low, the wholesale indoor fingerprint door lock will give a low voltage alarm prompt (it is recommended that you replace the battery as soon as possible). During the low voltage alarm, the fingerprint lock can still be unlocked more than 200 times.

news-FUYU lock-img

   fingerprint capacity: 100 groups

   password capacity: 100 groups of passwords, supporting 6-18 virtual passwords

   magnetic card capacity: 50 groups

5.password reset: when the user forgets the password, the management password can be used. When the user enters the management password, the lock can be unlocked and the user password can be reset at the same time.

6.multi level management: there are user password / fingerprint and management password / fingerprint hierarchical management. User password / fingerprint and management fingerprint / password can be modified according to customer needs. function: when the password / fingerprint is input incorrectly for three consecutive times, the smart door lock motherboard is locked for 5 minutes, effectively preventing the password from being maliciously stolen.

8.Double locking function:

External forced locking: it cannot be opened internally, which is applicable to prevent intrusion when going out.

Internal forced locking: it can't be opened externally, which makes you feel more at ease and safe at home.

9.Anti prying alarm function: when the door is locked, when someone Prys or breaks the lock, the electronic locks for apartments will send a strong alarm sound.

10.Interference code function: any interference code can be entered before entering the correct password, effectively preventing others from stealing passwords and burglary.

Smart tip: 

If you want to buy smart locks, it is recommended that you first learn about the brand online before making a decision, and then go to the regular fingerprint lock manufacturer or the regular website to learn about and buy them, otherwise the quality is too poor, there is no way to ensure safety, and after-sales maintenance is also very troublesome.

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