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How many years can a electric deadbolt lock be used? Here comes the expert's answer!


Now more and more people are using smart door locks because of convenience and safety. However, the price of smart door locks is not small compared with ordinary door locks. The price of ordinary door locks ranges from dozens to hundreds of them. The minimum smart door lock is several hundred, good even several thousand, which is worth the price of a mobile phone. At this time, many people will have a doubt, is this smart door lock worth our purchase? How many years can a electric deadbolt lock last? Today, the editor will reveal the answer to everyone!


How many years can a smart lock be used? The answer is finally here! It's 13 years! A high-quality smart door lock can last for 13 years. Because a high-quality smart lock needs to undergo 100,000 screen button simulation tests and 100,000 fingerprint head press simulation tests. How to start with 100,000 detailed calculations? If we open the door 20 times a day, then 365 days a year can be used for 13 years.

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In other words, a smartphone door lock lock is installed in the home, which can not be changed for 13 years. This is a lot more valuable than ordinary door locks. If 13 years are counted in this way, the life span of ordinary locks is far less than that.

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So, how can we find a high-quality fingerprint smart lock? If you choose low-quality smart locks in order to save money, not only will your home safety be not guaranteed, but you will also face the embarrassing situation of changing new locks. Therefore, the purchase of smart door locks must be guaranteed by choosing big brands! For novices, you can consider CHPK Smart Locks. Every Smart Lock is tested and tested repeatedly before it can be delivered to the user. It is safe and reliable.


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