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How to install a home intelligent door lock


Many customers do not know how to install smart locks for home use to be more efficient. The following smart lock manufacturers will give detailed explanations to the installers.

1.Open the box and see if the accessories of the smart lock are complete. General accessories include front and rear panels, lock body, square steel, 2 mounting screws, 4 guide plate screws, 2 connecting screws, two silicone pads, 4 screws, square steel springs, cutouts, 4 batteries, etc. .

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2.Adjust the lock tongue according to the actual situation. Some doors have the difference between inside and outside opening, and the lock tongue is also divided into inside and outside.

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3.Check whether the lock body guide piece matches the aperture size of the door. If it does not match, the guide piece needs to be replaced.

4. Precautions before installation, (1) Check whether the lock body can be installed in the opening slot; (2) Check whether the front and rear panels of the smart lock can completely cover the hole on the door, if it cannot be covered, it cannot be installed ; (3) There must be a certain distance between the rear panel and the door, otherwise it will affect the opening and closing of the door.

5. If there is no problem in the fourth step, then it can be officially installed. First, install the lock body, install the lock body in the opening slot, and tighten the guide screw.


6.After the lock body is installed, install the connector screws on the front panel of the smart lock, put the silicone pads on the front and rear panels, and put the square steel springs on the back panel.

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7.Install the front panel on the door first, and then install the rear panel.

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8.After the rear panel is installed, do not rush to tighten the screws, simply press down on the handle and the safety switch to see if they can move freely.


9.After there is no problem, tighten the front and rear panel connection screws, install the battery, and test whether the smart lock can be used.

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After the above nine steps are completed, basically there is no problem with the installation of FUYU home smart lock.

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