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Shanghai Longhu kailanshan project case


Shanghai Longhu Hulan mountain is located in Zhaoxiang international villa area of Qingpu, close to Sheshan, with Fuyu hardware big handle lock and insert core structure. The north of Zhaoxiang villa area is 100m from Huqingping expressway, only 25km from people's Square, 20 minutes to downtown, and 15km from Hongqiao Airport. Take Huqingping Expressway to downtown, and one way south along Jiasong middle road to Sheshan.

As an exquisite small area villa in the pure Sheshan plate, Xiangmin Peninsula in phase 2 of langlan mountain in Longhu Lake intercepts 1.6km natural golden water bank, and plans romantic "five axes and five towns" vertically and horizontally to construct a dream like paradise of Sheshan flower language. There are five colorful landscape axis decoration communities in Xiangyi peninsula of phase 2 of langlan mountain in Longhu, i.e. Langdu, zixiangdi, gingko Road, Rose Valley and Langyue River, creating a quiet and romantic original life. There are five characteristic towns in the longitudinal direction, i.e. the impression of Lemont lake, the fragrance of Provence, Tuscany time, the past of Bordeaux and the legend of Crete. The Xiangyi Peninsula in phase 2 of Longhu Mountain restores the fantastic and magnificent Mediterranean dream holiday life. Spain, Italy and Tuscany manual Hillside Villas adopt the methods of digging soil, leading stream, tunpo, piling up mountains, etc. to shape the overall height difference of 7-8 meters in the community. Longhu Mountain 2 Xiangtan Peninsula creates a real Valley mountain villa in Shanghai. The unique "full crown tree transplantation", resolutely do not need to cut down trees, each tree has a special car transplantation, so that people can enjoy the shade environment without waiting. The five vertical greening of Xiangyi Peninsula in phase 2 of Langshan Mountain, Longhu, breaks through the traditional greening index and makes life three-dimensional and flexible. The sunken courtyard in Xiangmin Peninsula, phase 2 of Langshan Mountain in Longhu, the magic of space, multiple entry garden and exquisite terrace loft... Adhere to the principle of creating more living space with less sales area and maximizing the contact between life and nature. Xiangmin Peninsula in phase 2 of Longhu Mountain has made people's beautiful desire to "live in nature" come true.

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