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What are the maintenance and precautions for smart door locks?


China smart door lock is an improvement on the basis of traditional mechanical locks. It is a composite lock with safety, convenience and advanced nature. It mainly adopts password recognition technology, fingerprint recognition technology, face recognition technology, IC card and Bluetooth module. and other technologies, support the function of the Internet of Things, and connect with the local area network and the Internet. There are many application places for smart door locks: smart locks for apartments,banks, government departments, hotel smart lock, school dormitories, residential quarters, villas, hotels, etc. As a household electronic product, the home smart lock has been widely used by families, not only because it brings us great safety and convenience in our life, but also bid farewell to the era of mechanical keys to open doors in the past. It is one of the electronic products, and we also need to pay attention to maintenance in our daily use, so that the door lock can be used more safely and for a longer time. Today, let's talk about the precautions for smart lock maintenance!

1. After the low battery alarm, please replace the battery immediately to ensure the normal use of the door lock.

2. Smart door locks should be waterproof. This is common sense. The smart lock china contains a lot of electronic devices. If water enters, it will interfere with the electronic circuit.

3. Fingerprint door locks generally only use fingerprints to open the door. The button to open the door when going out can only be pressed by hand. Do not use hard objects to press the door to open the door.

4. If the door is deformed, the friction of the combined oblique tongue entering the door buckle box will be too large and it cannot be fully extended. At this time, the position of the door panel should be adjusted.

5. The battery of the smart lock generally chooses a large-capacity alkaline AA5 battery, which can ensure the service life of the smart lock battery.


6. It is forbidden to contact the door lock surface with corrosive substances, so as not to damage the protective layer of the lock surface and affect the gloss of the lock surface.

7. After the fingerprint collection window is used for a long time, there will be dirt on the surface, which may affect the normal use. At this time, the dirt can be wiped off with a soft cloth.

8. When using the wholesale indoor fingerprint door lock, do not close and open the slider of the sensor and the password keyboard forcefully by hand.

9. The handle is a key part of opening and closing the door lock, and its flexibility directly affects the use of the door lock, so do not hang objects on the handle.

10. When replacing the battery, remember not to reverse the positive and negative poles of the battery, and replace the alkaline battery that does not flow.

11. Do not disassemble and disassemble without permission. Basically, china indoor fingerprint door lock have built-in sophisticated and complex electronic components. When disassembled by non-professionals, internal accessories may be damaged or other serious consequences may be caused. If you suspect that there is a problem with the fingerprint lock, it is best to consult a professional, or directly ask someone to come and repair it. Fuyu lock enjoys a high reputation in the country, and has a sound after-sales system. Customer service will solve problems in a timely manner according to customer feedback to avoid potential safety hazards.

In the process of using the china smart lock security door, you must pay attention to product maintenance. There are many precautions, such as: prohibit unprofessional disassembly; do not force the door; wipe the collection window with a dry soft cloth to prevent scratches; keep away from water Keep away from corrosive substances; do not hang heavy objects on the door handle; when the spare key in and out switch is not sensitive, do not add lubricating oil indiscriminately to prevent dust from entering; check the locks regularly and replace the battery in time.

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