Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


What are the types of locks? These are the three main types.


Many residential areas or houses have the phenomenon of theft. Experienced thieves often can easily open the door lock or window lock of the owner's house. At present, there are many kinds of china door locks in the market. Owners must choose ones with good anti-theft performance. What are the types of locks? Let's give you a specific introduction. Interested friends, let's have a look!

1、 Class A lock cylinder

Class a lock cylinder is an old lock cylinder. The key is a cross plate type or crescent type key with convex key slot, and a row of concave key slots on one or both sides. This kind of lock cylinder can be opened by thieves with tin foil in a few seconds. If your family still uses this kind of security door lock cylinder, it needs to be replaced quickly. Class a door lock cylinder can't prevent thieves. They can open it in one minute.

2、 Class B lock cylinder

The key of grade B lock cylinder is flat plate type or crescent type, and its key is more complex than grade a key. The key slot is single-sided or double-sided, with two rows of concave or cylindrical multi-point concave key holes. For this kind of lock cylinder, the thief can open it in 5 minutes.

3、Class C lock cylinder

Super class B lock cylinder is also called class C lock cylinder, which means that the safety exceeds class B. The key is of flat plate type, and the key slot is of single-sided or double-sided, with two rows of concave and S-shaped, or internal and external double snake type internal milling slot structure. It is a complex lock cylinder and a safe lock cylinder. The opening time of the tool is more than 270 minutes, or even cannot be opened. At present, owners choose locks to use super class B lock cylinders.


FUYU 8268 Grip Handle lock is Class C lock cylinder, with very high security.

*Apply to all kinds of wooden doors and metal doors

*ANSI/BHMA Grade2 A156.13 standard.

*800,000 cycles testing

*Patented products

*Fire-proof mechanism

*Anti-drill cylinder

*Construction key function

8268 Lock case 

Because of the global first-creative revolutionary design and simple structure, our lock case contains only about 60 pieces components, while other china american door handles cases contain at least 90 pieces components. To achieve the same function, less parts means more simple, stable and effective.trouble-free. From inside to outside, including latch, bolt, rotors and cams, all parts are made by sold investment-casting stainless steel, much more durable and higher fire-proof level .

So far, in worldwide lock set industry, only FUYU executes this technique, others manufacture American style lock cases with brass and steel material.

According to the authoritative testing reports, brass made assemblies were damaged badly after 800,000cycles, but investment-casting stainless steel-made assemblies remain good condition after 1,200,000 cycles.

Stainless steel for casing , strong and durable

Solid investment casting stainless steel 304 for bolt , hardened-steel rods inside , anti-cut.

Solid investment casting stainless steel 304 for three-piece latch , with anti-insert and silent-closed function , easily reversible for left and right handing , no need to disassemble the complete lock case.

Solid investment casting stainless steel 304 for auto locking / unlocking switch.

Solid stainless steel 304 or brass for forend and strike plate , high quality metal strike box.

Forend and strike plate in SS finish are processed by new surface technique with water-polished machine , the surface is smoother and more shinning , looks higher class.

Anti-panic function available for entry set.

Casing is sealed by revolving rivets , stronger and more elegant , the surface is flatter ,maximum avoid potential operation problems caused by wrongly drilled holes .

8268 Cylinder

Anti-drill American style cylinder .

With construction key function

Solid brass cylinder ( Brass casing plugs and pins ) .

With American angle-cut-pin technology , each pin is different from both angle and length , ensure top security performance.

Processed with CNC ( Computer Numeric Control ) machines , key combination is over international standard.

Each cylinder with 5 brass owner and 1brass construction and 1 installation keys . Angle-cut-pin key way , each set of keys with a solo key way code tag make your keys not to be duplicated by others.

Thickness of Key is 3.0mm.

Door Lock is a major concern of everyone. Fuyu door lock is one of the most professional door lock manufacturers in China integrating R & D, production and sales. It has accumulated 37 years of lock experience and provides professional locks for consumers.

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