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What are the advantages and disadvantages of zinc alloy lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
Zinc alloy low melting point, good liquidity, easy fusion welding, brazing and plastic processing, in the atmosphere corrosion, deformed material to facilitate recycling and remelting. Zinc alloy lock are made of zinc alloy material, so we know that zinc alloy lock have what are the advantages and disadvantages? The advantages of the zinc alloy lock is as follows: 1. Zinc alloy lock is through a die casting production, a molding, production speed 2. Zinc alloy lock in iron lock are of good quality, the quality of the zinc alloy's hardness is good, not deformation, improve the quality problem in time. 3. Zinc alloy die-casting molding, more out of recycled materials. 4. Zinc alloy lock effect is better than iron lock, electroplating processing surface is also the same. Zinc alloy plating out bubbles, pitting less relative to the tin, and comparison of out smooth surface. 5. Zinc alloy plating long after the oil seal is not easy to rust spots. Zinc alloy lock shortcomings: 1. Cost is higher than a tin, and die casting out waste resources than iron. The advantages of the zinc alloy lock is more, it is mainly to share this several advantages and disadvantages of above, now everyone should know about zinc alloy door locks.
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