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What is the difference between mechanical lock and intelligent lock?


Intelligent lock and mechanical lock are two different types. With the advent of modern society, intelligent lock has become more and more popular, and people will be more inclined to intelligent lock as a choice. For people's life safety, intelligent lock is obviously a more suitable choice. What is the difference between intelligent lock and mechanical lock?

Mechanical door lock is a lock without electronic devices, which is completely powered off. It is usually used for personal anti-theft doors. When it is used, it needs a mechanical key to open the door, and the lock case can be opened by violent opening.

The panel of the mechanical lock is relatively stronger than the intelligent lock, but from the perspective of daily life practice, the examples of opening the door from destroying the panel to destroying the structure of the whole lock are very rare, which can be said to be one in ten thousand.

Then the safety of mechanical door lock system is mainly about the lock cylinder. The lock cylinder of European standard mechanical lock is divided into class A, class B and class C in China

Class A, that is, the lock cylinder structure marble is a straight-line single row. China's class a theft standard is that the technology is qualified if it is opened for more than 1 minute

The structure of grade B lock cylinder is straight-line double row, and the anti technology opening time of 5 minutes is qualified

The C-level lock cylinder is a double row of linear marbles + groove, and the opening time of the anti technology is more than 200 minutes.

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For the same level of lock cylinder, the difficulty of opening the anti technology of different brands from different smart lock manufacturer is also different, which involves the manufacturing process, product precision and so on. If all mechanical locks can adopt C-level lock cylinder, it is also very safe.

The intelligent high end smart lock body is a lock body that conducts electricity through the data line and is built-in with an electronic clutch mechanism. Compared with the traditional structure, the service life of the door lock body is increased by more than five times. The moving parts of the electronic lock body are designed with guide rails or pulleys, which has a lower friction coefficient, and the lock body feels smooth. The lock body has a five tongue joint structure, and the accessories are designed with reinforcement, which is safer and more stable.

Anti insertion oblique tongue, sliding guide rail design, 100% anti insertion guarantee. Combined oblique tongue helps to open the door easily, reduces vibration, strengthens the generous tongue, and has stronger theft resistance.

At present, smart door locks include fingerprint lock, password lock and card reading lock. Fingerprint lock tuya also includes light scanning and erasure scanning. Light scanning is easy to leave fingerprints, leaving hidden dangers that fingerprints are extracted by interested people. Including wiping fingerprint scanning secret can eliminate this hidden danger. And the password lock also has the possibility of password theft. In addition to being photographed or watching, or the password is too simple to be guessed, the person who cracked the password has never heard of it. Card reading electronic lock is equipped with IC card that is very difficult to copy. Compared with mechanical lock, it is quite difficult to copy fingerprints, IC card or password cracking, so it is also safer than mechanical lock.

However, smart lock with high security can be opened in two or three ways. For the sake of prevention, many smart door locks are equipped with mechanical lock cylinders, which can be unlocked with spare keys. 

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