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10 steps to replace the immobilizer door lock cylinder

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-06
1. After selecting the lock cylinder, close the two screws on the upper and lower sides of the handle panel. These two screws are mainly used to fix the panel, as long as the cross screwdriver is ready, it can be completed, and it is very simple. Hainan master Huang lock company 2. After turning the screw, fix the screw in place, remove the lock cylinder, and place the screw on both sides of the sleeve, but pay attention not to over tighten the two screws during installation to avoid over tightening the handle. Open. Remove the handle and then the lock cover. 3. Remove the lock cylinder from the sleeve and place it with screws. Remember the steps to remove the lock. The return is the same. All deleted content is in one place and should not be lost. 4. Turn the screw to fix the lock cylinder and remove the lock cylinder. If the lock cylinder cannot be pulled by hand, knock it off with the left or right lock head of the hammer and try again. 5. According to the method of step 3, install the lock cylinder anti-theft housing after installing the handle, insert the safety bolt before installing the handle, and then install the handle again. Laiwu lock company telephone 6. Install the inside and outside handle of he long. It's better to have someone help to hold the outside white hand. They are symmetrical. Continue to the next step again. 7. Adjust the internal and external handles, and they must be well matched. The screw hole should be aimed at the nut, or light up with a flashlight, and then rotate the screw. 8. Insert the screw vertically. If it is not allowed to insert the screw inside the nut, please shake the screw with your fingers. The general rotation of the screw can experience whether the screw is aligned. 9. Fix the panel and tighten the screws. Pay attention that the screws should not be too tight. They can handle the collection well and can not rotate flexibly. 10. Finally, try the effect. Be sure to open the door and try again, so as not to lock it outside. The door has not been repaired, so you have to start again.
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