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'11 China international hardware exhibition lights up a new journey

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-20
2011-06- 15 Source: Hyundai lock industry website Browse: 234 comment: 0 Core tip: annual China International Hardware exhibition (CIHS)On September 21- On the 23rd, it was held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. 11, China International Hardware Fair news conference if ten years is a summary so this year of, China International Hardware Fair have set foot on the new of starting point into 11th a year. At that time, the best brands, the latest products and the most outstanding innovations in the whole industry will be displayed in front of the global hardware industry. After more than ten years of hard work and cultivation, China International Hardware exhibition ranks second in the world in scale and has become one of the important hardware exhibitions with rich connotation, meticulous service, great influence and high degree of specialization. This year's exhibition continues the past to promote the healthy development of the industry' Market-oriented and technology-oriented' The positioning of the service platform emphasizes the balanced development of domestic trade and foreign trade, guides enterprises to walk on both legs, and realizes transactions, exchanges and friends. The China International Hardware exhibition is supported by the International Federation of hardware and household products associations, jointly sponsored by China Hardware Products Association, Germany Cologne International Exhibition Co. , Ltd. , the National Federation of Industry and Commerce hardware and electromechanical Chamber of Commerce, and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Light Industry Branch, beijing Shirui Exhibition Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai Continental tools Development Co. , Ltd. , weiwanwang (www. We1. com)For e-commerce partners. ' 11 China international hardware exhibition, with an exhibition area of 115,000 ㎡, 5,500 booths and more than 2,400 exhibitors. Among them, overseas exhibitors will account for about 9%; The professional audience is expected to reach 45000, of which the overseas audience will exceed 3000. As an important business card of China's hardware manufacturing industry, China International Hardware exhibition will continue to deepen in terms of connotation, service refinement and industry guidance this year, showing multiple highlights: first, grasp the pulse of the industry, assess the situation and promote development, low carbon, environmental protection and health will be the focus of national industrial policy support development in the next five years. One of the highlights of this year's exhibition is to combine the industry development strategy, grasp the pulse of the industry, assess the situation and promote the development of the industry, and timely reflect the trend and direction of the transformation and upgrading of the travel industry. The connotation of the whole exhibition will fully run through the development goals of the industry's 12th Five-Year Plan, namely, the transformation from extensive to intensive, from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, and from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement, the five major changes from low cost and low price to high added value and high profit rate, and from OEM-oriented export to independent brand-oriented export fully reflect that China international hardware exhibition is the vane and barometer of the hardware industry, this year's exhibition is dedicated to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry, with special attention to exhibits and brands with independent innovation, independent brands, high technology content and high added value. Second, improve the service and display the accurate positioning of fine products. China international hardware exhibition shoulders the important task of displaying the latest achievements of the industry and guiding the development of the industry. The exhibition will focus on the theme and jointly examine the key issues of exhibitors. In order to attract more exhibitors and visitors, the exhibition opened a boutique area of about 300 for the first time, and invited authoritative experts in the industry to select and approve according to the standards, the exhibits with influence and characteristics in terms of technical characteristics, functions and innovations were selected to enter the area and presented. The purpose of setting up a boutique area is not only to show results and reflect future trends and trends, but also to guide the development of the industry and prevent the emergence of stereotyped faces and even new attempts to imitate each other. What is unique is that this service is not only limited to the exhibition period, the organizer will also record the information of customers who are interested in the boutique, continue to track after the meeting, and use e-commerce, spread outward at different speeds through various channels, extend the service chain, establish a continuous Internet information dissemination platform for both exhibition and sales parties, and provide the latest and most effective services. In addition ,' 11 based on the successful experience and basis of last year, China International Hardware exhibition continues the characteristics of the special zone, and once again displays building hardware, locks and security products in a special museum. The independent special hall is a symbol of the professional promotion of the exhibition, and it is also a common practice for international high-standard exhibitions. Building hardware and locks are both traditional and emerging products in the hardware industry. Especially in recent years, they have made rapid progress in the application of high-tech equipment, intelligent technology and informatization improvement, and the degree of modernization is changing with each passing day. The establishment of a special museum is also the demand for the rapid development of the industry. « Previous 1 2 Next»Label: China International Hardware exhibition CIHS
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