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[2010 construction Expo Express]Each exhibition area has its own style

by:FUYU     2020-01-21
2010-07- 08 Browse: 212 comment: 0 Core tip: Architectural decoration hardware exhibition area as the dominant theme of Guangzhou construction expo, the exhibition scale of this exhibition has further increased, with a total scale of 80 thousand square meters, compared with the hardware exhibition area of architectural decoration, as the dominant theme of Guangzhou construction fair, the exhibition scale of this exhibition has further increased, with the total scale reaching an astonishing 80 thousand square meters, up 35% from the previous one, the number of exhibitors exceeded 1000, achieving a five-year continuous growth in overall scale. In addition to the domestic first-line brands, the 'international hardware Museum' has attracted the full participation of many international brands such as Homan, Yassa, Panasonic and Yinke. In the overall home furnishing exhibition area, famous brands such as Sofia, federal Gordon, Shangpin Home Delivery, Weiyi, Margo, bangqi, Danish style, duwang, gold cabinet and so on gathered, and nearly 200 brand enterprises appeared on the stage, provide buyers with a wide range of personalized customization schemes with unique styles. In the door and window exhibition area, the in-depth development of finished doors and windows has brought the domestic home environment to a climax. The adoption of various new composite materials has made doors and windows more environmentally friendly, the injection of the appearance experience of various new fashion elements also makes the 'face' and 'eyes' of the House more personalized. In addition to many representative enterprises such as longshu, Dinggu, São Paulo, Yancai and Xinbiao in Guangdong, exhibitors from major door industry bases such as Liaoning, Sichuan and Zhejiang have increased significantly compared with previous years. Decorative glass/sliding door exhibition area this year's exhibition will stage a wonderful 'industrial upgrading drama ', more than 300 well-known brand enterprises including Jieren, Guangwen, Liyun, Hengyi, xinjieqin, Jingcai, yiyouming and yongquanli will debut with a prosperous lineup. The brand lineup of the ceiling ceiling exhibition area and the ceiling ceiling exhibition area is bright. In addition to the Jiaxing Exhibition Group, the full participation of brand enterprises in Guangdong will become a highlight of the exhibition. Osberg, Fuxing, Badis, Oslon, Tianli Jianlong, Daguang, liyalong, xiongba, Picasso, Jinxiu tomorrow, Stan, Yilai, Longdu, Yuanmei, Longyu and other nearly 30 Guangdong Famous brand enterprises will gathered together, with many well-known domestic brand enterprises on the same stage, we will jointly create a top feast for China's ceiling industry! The wallpaper/fabric and accessories exhibition area has attracted nearly 100 enterprises to participate in the exhibition, bringing together many representative well-known brands in the industry, such as Tepli, Brewster, Ouya, Aishe, Rouran, Xinli, zhanbai, Zhisheng, Grammy, Xinyi, etc. The stair exhibition area, as one of the important themes of the Guangzhou construction fair, has developed rapidly. This year's exhibition, meibu, New Liu, ouyannat, Dr. Ti, Tang Dynasty, Hilden, Yabu, mingta, Lvjie, Xinyi, Jinlong Yabu, Singapore Lihai, strolling, Camilla • Jin Chen and many other well-known brands at home and abroad will be unveiled! This will not only become a highlight of this year's Guangzhou construction fair, but also become a highlight of this year's stair industry!
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