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[2010 construction Expo Express]Hardware, each has its own wonderful

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-21
2010-07- 10 Browse: 195 Comment: 0 core Tip: As more and more enterprises enter, the competition in the hardware and building materials market is increasingly fierce. Therefore, various enterprises are constantly looking for new ideas and new directions, opening up their own world, each with its own. As more and more enterprises enter, the competition in the hardware and building materials market is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, various companies are constantly looking for new ideas and new directions, opening up their own world, each with its own wonderful. Bao's hardware: quality determines everything. Harbin Bao's home hardware decoration Co. , Ltd. is the only enterprise that represents Heilongjiang province to participate in the Guangzhou construction fair. Bao's hardware uses Italy's advanced production equipment, technology, management level and European strict quality management guarantee system to produce household hardware products with first-class quality and suitable for Chinese consumers. At this exhibition, Bao's hardware not only presented a lock feast, but also made breakthroughs in the high-end lock technology sectors such as European locks, stainless steel locks and smart door locks, also presented are various expressive Bob handles. Of course, in addition to the series of products such as Bao's hinges and Bao's copper hinges, there are the latest buffer-type riding drawers and Bao's sliding doors. Bean: problem solver of business environment bean Building Materials provides a wide range of products suitable for various environments. From standard solutions to customized equipment, bien selects hygienic and durable high-end materials, developed and produced by experienced experts, and integrates technology into the design of architects, keep the function and shape harmonious while making these designs more perfect. On the basis of continuously improving technology and improving the quality of products, Bean has continuously developed new products. At this exhibition, bien launched the Xiangyun series, providing a richer product line. Rhine copper lock: The leader of noble life Zhongshan Rhine copper art is Rhine (Germany) Group Co. , Ltd. authorizes a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of copper door hardware products of 'RHINE' and 'RHINE' brands in China. Rhine applies 'Western architectural art' and 'German exquisite manufacturing technology' to product design and takes them as the long-term development direction. Product design focuses on the fashion trend of space decorative art, and its production capacity and performance keep pace with the times, and leading the international level. It has successively developed a series of products of different styles such as jianjue, Lorelei, farz, gourotis, Provence and Golden Empire, for domestic high-end residential, commercial space, municipal office buildings and other high-end places to provide style matching, superior performance, exquisite appearance of copper door hardware. Deli hardware: win the market with quality and win customers with honesty deli hardware was established in 2003. Through the development in recent years, Deli has gradually found a way suitable for his own development-- Continuously introduce advanced equipment, hire more excellent management and technical personnel, and improve the scientific research and development, production management, quality control and after-sales service system of products, deli has established a good reputation with more than 1000 high-quality differentiated products. Solid force: pursuing the highest cost-effective solid force security is the largest lock manufacturing enterprise of Sweden's Yassa group in Asia, dedicated to meeting the requirements of users' life safety, property protection and convenient use. The company has established a sales network based on distributors all over the country, and has established branches and transit warehouses in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Chongqing. At the same time, it also introduced new concepts of project sales, industrial sales and hypermarkets, further broadening the sales channels, and the annual output of locks reached 30 million. The concept of solid force is-- 'The highest cost performance is the highest responsibility to users '. Modern hardware: Life •Art • Taste, Guangzhou Modern hardware products include: Advanced door lock, bathroom lock, engineering support (Fire prevention) Channel locks, floor springs, door closers, glass door clamps, advanced luxury door handles, bathroom hardware accessories and other products, and take the lead in the world's cutting-edge technology' plasma coating technology-Titanium decorative plating is introduced into the manufacture of hardware products
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