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[2010 construction Expo Express]The products are dazzling, and the scene is lively and hot

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-21
2010-07- 10 Browse: 176 comment: 0 Core tip: On the first day of Guangzhou Expo, the wallpaper exhibition area has shown its unique attraction. In the exhibition area, the audience was crowded, and the exhibitors also made a surprise move. On the first day of the special Guangzhou construction fair, the wallpaper exhibition area has shown its unique appeal. In the exhibition area, the audience is crowded, and the exhibitors are also very surprised. They combine their booths with the characteristics of the products to attract everyone's attention. Nature group Yingrui company set up a T-stage in front of its booth, allowing several models to wear evening dresses made of wallpaper to show on it, promoting their 'fashion wallpaper' concept and attracting a large audience. The products in the exhibition area are varied and dazzling. In addition to the traditional wallpaper, there are many novel wallpaper types. The wooden wallpaper of the wooden house seems to bring people into the forest wooden house; Geshang's murals have different styles, ranging from Chinese ink paintings to Western oil paintings; The diatom ooze products of the color workshop and Dajin can purify the air, adjust the humidity and breathe, absorb sound and reduce noise, fire and flame retardant . . . . . . The first time to participate in the Guangzhou construction expo, the Nature group Yingrui company booth can be regarded as one of the highlights of the wallpaper exhibition area. According to Peng Yong, the company's director of market operations, in addition to the concept of 'fashion wallpaper', they also pay attention to environmental protection and low carbon, which coincides with the 'low carbon wind' that blows on the 'two sessions. In addition to developing products that consume less raw materials and save resources, they also regularly make environmental compensation actions such as tree planting. Recently, they signed a contract with the Shanghai World Expo zero carbon pavilion to develop 'zero carbon' products. When the reporter interviewed director Peng, a Dutch couple greeted the director. It turned out that they were the Dutch partners of Yingrui. When asked why they came to China, they smiled and said: 'We are taking this opportunity to see the current situation of the Chinese market. 'The goal of many merchants is to find franchisees. For the Grammy wallpaper group in Beijing, their goal is to implement the group's strong investment in Guangzhou, increase the development strategy of attacking the southern market, and attract more excellent franchisees. And their progress is also very smooth. In just one morning, many merchants have come to visit and propose cooperation intentions. During the reporter's interview, a Shijiazhuang merchant consulted with Grammy. The two sides exchanged information and finalized the agent's product series. The Merchant's cooperation intention is very strong, and it is not enough to urge the Grammy group to determine the negotiation time. According to the merchant's introduction, they used to operate fabric products, but now they find that wallpaper and fabric can be sold together with good results, so they took advantage of Guangzhou Jianbo to join the wallpaper group, expand operations. According to Huang bailing, chairman of Ouya company, the wallpaper industry is an emerging industry with rapid development and huge market potential, attracting a large amount of investment in the past year. But there are also two major challenges in the short term. First, because of the excess investment, the short-term wall paper industry may have an oversupply situation; Second, due to the dependence of the wallpaper industry on the real estate industry, the recent strict regulation of the real estate market will also affect the wallpaper industry. In this situation, some new enterprises will be impacted, while old enterprises with fixed customer groups and mature distribution systems will be relatively less affected, the wallpaper industry will usher in an adjustment reshuffle. However, Chairman Huang bailing believes that the average wallpaper usage rate in China is only 0. 5 m², according to the average wallpaper usage rate of 5 m² per person in advanced countries, China's wallpaper industry has at least 10 times market potential. The adjustment in the short term will promote the healthy development of the wallpaper market, which is a process of rising fluctuations. He said that the establishment of a separate wallpaper exhibition area is a major breakthrough in the Guangzhou construction fair. This move can promote the wallpaper industry in South China, where wallpaper usage is low, and enhance the image of the wallpaper industry.
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