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'2011 China lock excellent brand recommendation' network selection launched

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-20
2011-05- 02 Source: Hyundai lock network Browse: 318 comment: 0 Core tip: Hosted by Hyundai lock network, the '2011 China lockset excellent brand recommendation' online selection campaign supported by many associations such as China International lockset, Security Products Exhibition and China Security Association lockset repairman branch was officially launched on May 1, 2011. Believe in the power of the brand-- The 2011 China lock excellent brand recommendation network selection campaign was launched in 2011, with tens of thousands of lock suppliers maturing, brand building is also receiving increasing attention. If we carefully analyze the excellent enterprises in this industry from the perspective of development, we find that there are still many excellent enterprises that are actively engaged in brand building and have made considerable achievements. As the most famous large-scale event in the field of locks, the 2011 China International lock and security products exhibition naturally cannot ignore this group, even, more energy should be invested to encourage outstanding enterprises in this industry to learn advanced concepts of brand building, accelerate the pace of brand building, and let brands play a more important role in the future development of lock suppliers. In response to the strong demands of the majority of lock manufacturers, distributors and consumers, Hyundai lock industry network continues to hold the 2011 China lock excellent brand recommendation network selection. In line with the principles of science, openness, fairness and impartiality. Many powerful media have joined forces, enterprises and consumers have interacted and comprehensively combined the selection activities through the Internet platform, aiming to attract extensive attention from the society and lead the development direction of the industry, and promote the rapid development of more lock enterprises, providing a platform for many lock enterprises to fully demonstrate their own strength. The 2011 China lock excellent brand recommendation network will be fully launched from May 1, 2011. The activity process is as follows: 1. May 1, 2011- May 30, 2011 lock brand screening and registration recommendation stage 2, June 1, 2011- August 30, 2011 lock brand online display and voting stage 3, September 1, 2011- September 18, 2011 excellent lockset brand comprehensive review and review stage 4. September 21, 2011 excellent lockset brand award list announcement and award 2011 China lockset excellent brand recommendation network selection activity initiated by Hyundai lockindustry network, supported by industry associations such as the China Security Association locksmith branch, dozens of industry media participated in the grand event. This activity will be one of the special activities of China international lock and security products exhibition. China International Exhibition of locks and security products is co-sponsored by China Hardware Products Association, Germany Cologne International Exhibition Co. , Ltd. , all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Hardware & electrical Chamber of Commerce, and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Light Industry Branch, beijing Shirui Exhibition Co. , Ltd. and Shanghai Continental tools Development Co. , Ltd. are the world's second largest hardware exhibition (CIL &S)Special exhibition. Since it was held in 2010, this year is the second. The recommendation of excellent lockset brands in China has been highly recognized by the lockset industry for its objectivity, fairness and authority. The excellent brand of Chinese locks is also an important award for excellent brands and has become an important honor in brand promotion. The biggest feature of the 2011 China lock excellent brand recommendation network selection activity is: This activity is not based on whether the enterprise is a famous enterprise, not on the premise of enterprise scale, pay attention to the integrity of the enterprise itself and the recognition of customers in the industry. Strive to truly reflect the reputation and advantages of the enterprise, and truly produce the best brand through this activity, and sincerely serve the modern lock industry. With the help of professional network resources, the activities will use the communication power and influence of the Internet to enhance the overall image of enterprises in the lockset industry, to promote enterprises in the lockset industry to continuously improve product quality, improve service quality and promote the sustained and healthy development of the industry. 2011 the recommendation of excellent brands of Chinese locks is expected to provide the vast number of users and manufacturers of lock products with the opportunity to express themselves freely through online voting, so that good brands can stand out under the recommendation of public opinion. It provides all participating enterprises with the opportunity to demonstrate their technological advantages and obtain customer evaluation, from which they can gain confidence and motivation to move forward. Detailed description: http://zt . 16618. cn/2011 pinpai/index. 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