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'2013 China good lock cylinder' event and top ten lock cylinder selection officially kicked off

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-20
2013-05- 28 Source: China locksmith Association Browse: 589 comment: 2 core tip: '2013 China good lock cylinder' promotion exhibition and top ten lock cylinder selection activities will officially kick off on June 1. The activity was initiated by Hyundai lock industry network and Chinese locksmith. Through the free participation of all locksmiths, distributors and netizens, it aims to recommend excellent lock cylinder brands in Chinese lockset industry; The event will select the top ten lock cylinders and top ten lock cylinder brands in the country. Voting topics: http://px . 16618. Cn/China's top ten lock cylinder selection officially kicked off the 2013 China's good lock cylinder promotion and display and top ten lock cylinder selection activities based on the principles of science, professionalism, fairness and universality will officially kick off on June 1, the activity has received strong and extensive attention from China's lockset industry. Many lock cylinder enterprises in China have signed up for the election. At the same time, many enthusiastic locksmiths and dealers have consulted and selected related matters online, and actively recommend their favorite brands. At present, more than 50 lock core enterprises have signed up for the selection, and the registration data will continue to be updated during the one-month pre-selection period. The 2013 China good lock cylinder selection campaign is closely centered on winning the glory of the industry and the theme of authenticating the brand's strength. The lock enterprise under the impact of the 2012 cold current is standing in the industry, the opportunity to climb the Supreme Throne of the industry. 2013 has gradually entered the golden season, and all the achievements and honors of lockset enterprises will break out collectively in just a few months. As far as enterprises are concerned, in such a sluggish lockset industry period, lockset enterprises should face up to the brand power, and should set their minds to meet the obstacles from their opponents and their own development. How can lockset enterprises break the ice and be reborn, to survive in the big waves, you need to seize every opportunity. Winning the top ten brands of China's lock cylinder is an excellent opportunity to establish brand awareness, brand reputation and even brand benchmarking. This is also an event marketing of media brands for Hyundai lock industry network, which hosted the 2013 China good lock cylinder selection campaign. Since its birth seven years ago, Hyundai lock network has focused on the information dissemination of the lock industry and aims to be a professional lock portal. Through the development of the top ten brand activities of China's lock cylinder, the brand image of the website can be established with the advantages of high speed and multi-exposure. In addition, as the supervision and promotion force of the lockset industry, Hyundai lock industry network has assisted lockset enterprises to spend the winter through selection activities, which also shows a strong sense of industry responsibility. 2013 China's good lock cylinder is a joint promotion activity between media and enterprises, and it is also a brand Review of lock cylinder enterprises by Chinese locksmith and Chinese lock cylinder industry. The honor of picking up the top ten brands of China's lock cylinder will be the unanimous goal of the shortlisted enterprises, which will be a fierce competition without smoke! The registration for this event will be closed on June 30. I hope that the lock cylinder brands will continue to participate. Hyundai lock industry network will summarize the registration status and data at any time, and after the registration is completed, the participating enterprises that will officially pass the review will enter the exhibition voting stage. Please look forward to it. Activity process: Activity Registration Time: June 1, 2013- Voting time for the June 30, 2013 event: July 20, 2013- October 30, 2012 list published: November 26, 2013 registration address: http://px . 16618. Cn/Tel: 028- 87012762 QQ: 370952632 China good lock cylinder exclusive QQ group: 140588733 label: China locksmith Association China lock cylinder China good lock cylinder top ten lock cylinders top ten lock cylinders excellent lock cylinder brand
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