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2017 China locksmith yearbook editing, investment promotion work has started-FUYU-img

'2017 China locksmith yearbook' editing, investment promotion work has started

by:FUYU     2020-01-16
2016-12- 01 Source: Chinese locksmith Browse: 33 Comment: 0 Core tip: it is reported that the editing and investment promotion work of 2017 Chinese locksmith yearbook was started in December 2016. 'Chinese locksmith yearbook' has witnessed the achievements of Chinese locksmith industry in recent years in aspects of standardized management, supplier selection, equipment selection and use, new tools and technologies, establishment of industry service standards and so on; The editing and investment promotion work of the 2017 China locksmith Yearbook has begun. In order to further enhance the role and influence of the Chinese locksmith yearbook, and build a platform for display, communication and exchange for local industry associations, suppliers, and lock repairers, the yearbook will invite the leaders of the locksmith association of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government to participate in the relevant work as the editorial board of the yearbook, and also specially invite the famous and influential enterprises in the country to be the invited editorial board of the yearbook, participate in the editing of yearbook and related work. The majority of lock enterprises and equipment and tools consumables supply units can use the 'China locksmith yearbook' platform to fully display publicity and promotion. Label: Chinese locksmith Yearbook
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