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2018 Baidu Yunzhi summit successfully concluded, Luke became the leader of smart lock industry

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-08
May 31 2018 Baidu cloud intelligent summit'The Sheraton Shenzhen Greater China hotel ended perfectly. As a pioneer and innovator in the intelligent door lock industry, Yunding technology was invited to attend the summit. Ye Yun, chief architect of Yunding technology, is at the smart home of the summit' The special sub-forum was entitled 'smart door lock to make living safer'The keynote speech. With the rapid development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, consumption upgrading has been extended to the field of smart home life, and smart door locks are currently the hottest outlet. China's smart door lock market has shown a rapid growth momentum since 2015 and ushered in a small outbreak in 2016. In 2016, the global market intelligent door lock industry will reach 11 million sets, of which China will reach 3. 5 million sets. In 2017, China's smart door lock market sold nearly 10 million units, up nearly twice from the previous year, and is expected to exceed 2019 units in 30 million. At present, in the household market of the intelligent door lock industry, the market penetration rate of 0. 4 billion households in China is less than 3%; However, there are nearly apartments in the apartment market, most of which are still not managed intelligently and have a broad market space. Yunding science and technology has made a forward-looking layout in the field of intelligent door locks in apartments, making the door locks in apartments Internet-based, which can greatly save the management cost of apartments and directly help apartment platforms and housekeepers to improve management efficiency, the range of houses that apartment housekeepers can manage has greatly increased, reducing the security risks brought by tenants replacing door locks. In the home market, Yunding technology released LOOCK on March 2017 from the perspective of user home safety. Deer guest' Brand, designed to bring security and perfection to users'Product experience. The appearance design and superior technical performance of Luke Smart Lock are ahead of other smart lock brands. In terms of appearance design, Yunding invited the Red Dot Award winner and former Sony chief designer to tailor the appearance of the deer smart lock, integrating concentric circle elements into the design, starting with the fingerprint head, the handle cover, the handle base and the breathing light are stacked around the same center layer to form an amazing concentric circle. In terms of unlocking speed, Yunding directly integrates the living fingerprint technology into the door handle, which can easily realize one-step locking when the user holds the door handle, and the whole process can be completed seamlessly in 1 second, greatly improve the user experience. The biggest significance of smart lock should be its security performance, and Yunding is absolutely unambiguous in this respect. The deer smart lock can remotely manage the password in real time, check the door lock status at any time, and remotely alarm when it is smashed. Even if you go out, you can receive a warm reminder from your family. With the use of deer's smart cat's eye, users can view the dynamics of their homes in real time through their mobile phones, and can also recognize the faces of visitors outside the door and report to the police in case of suspicious situations. All of this is to meet the user's endless high requirements for home safety. In addition to the ultimate pursuit of products, Yunding technology also attaches great importance to after-sales service. According to Ye Yun, in order to ensure the quality of service, Yunding has established hundreds of teams in more than 120 cities across the country to conduct unified training and management in terms of installation procedures and installation standards, it also provides 7x 24-hour customer response service all year round, and the after-sales installation master comes to the door within 3 hours to ensure the best user installation and after-sales service experience with high-standard service procedures. Although called smart door lock' However, Yunding is not smart for the sake of intelligence. It is more based on the actual use of customers, and pursues the ultimate experience in all aspects of safety performance, design, and after-sales service, effectively solve the user's pain points' This has captured the hearts of most customers'.
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