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2018 Smart fingerprint lock into the homes of ordinary people

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-18
When the Internet encounters many household products, the new combination forms a wonderful response. Smart locks are one of the sparks that have emerged in the ancient industry of the Internet and door locks. As an emerging industry, smart locks are expanding at an alarming rate. In 2015, there were only dozens of smart lock brands on the market, and in 2016 there were seven or eight hundred smart lock brands. Traditional mechanical lock manufacturers, smart home manufacturing companies, smart hardware companies and other cross-border companies have all stared at this huge cake. At the same time, the safety and convenience of smart door locks have also aroused more and more consumers' interest, putting smart door locks with new labels of 'black technology' and 'light luxury'. Are you ready for the unstoppable trend? So, how hot is the smart lock industry today? According to authoritative data, in the United States, Britain, France and other European and American countries, more than 52% of people have used smart locks. And our neighboring country-South Korea, the penetration rate of smart locks is close to 80%, let's take a look at the penetration rate of smart locks in Japan has exceeded 70%. What about China? The second largest economy with a population of 1.3 billion is currently less than 3%. After China's smart lock industry experienced a warm-up in 2015 and a run-up in 2016, the market size, development environment, and technological breakthroughs all ushered in new changes in 2017. Although it is still in its infancy, the market potential is huge. Relevant data predict that by 2018, the scale of the smart home market may reach 139.6 billion yuan. Before 2020, China is expected to become the largest smart home market in Asia. Such astonishing potential has attracted giant companies such as ZTE, Samsung, and Lenovo to invest heavily in the desire to win their own place in this industry. Smart locks will inevitably explode in the next few years. Many people worry that smart locks will be the same as other smart home products. It is just a momentary heat. Is it true? What will happen to the development trend of fingerprint locks? New entrance to smart home with peace of mind First of all, doors and locks are the physical entrances of the home. They have the characteristics of high user stickiness and high frequency of use. They are also an indispensable part of smart homes. Secondly, smart locks are still a blue ocean market. The giants all want to become the leaders in this field. Therefore, major brands want to compete for this entry. Not only have large and small companies flock to the production and research and development of the smart lock industry, consumers are also increasingly favoring smart door locks. Compared with traditional door locks, smart locks have incomparable advantages: 1. Convenience. Smart locks can be unlocked through fingerprints, mobile apps, WeChat, cards, etc., completely free of the shackles of keys, and no need to worry about losing keys; second, security. The smart lock integrates anti-pry alarm, remote monitoring and other active prevention functions in one, which is safer than mechanical locks; third, fashion. The smart lock is more fashionable, concise and generous in appearance design, more in line with the young aesthetics, and it also plays a finishing touch to the home decoration.
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