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2018 sunflower award | China Jianbo sunflower award smart lock selection delegation visited good wife coleni

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-15
From April 16, the 2018 China Jianbo sunflower award smart lock delegation visited Guangdong smart lock enterprises in depth. The delegation was organized by the sunflower award organizer China Smart habitat Industry Promotion Association, NetEase home, sunflower award Strategic Cooperation Platform China construction expo, the chief support media information, door lock World, Pacific security, and the special smart lock installation service platform consists of small screws. Sunflower Award' Since the successful holding of the first session in 2017, it has not only enhanced the popularity and influence of the winning and running enterprises in the industry and market, but also promoted the rapid development of the smart lock industry, and it has been recognized by the industry and people from all walks of life, and has been praised as the Oscar of the smart lock industry in the industry'Award. At the China Expo in March 21 this year (Shanghai) The 2018 China Jianbo sunflower award smart lock selection was officially launched, and the sunflower award has once again become the focus of attention in the industry and the market. This time, the 2018 China Jianbo sunflower award smart lock delegation visited and investigated the 2018 sunflower award' The selection activities will be the first stop to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the enterprise. The more you use the more secure AI smart lock brand--Good Wife · On the morning of the 19th, the 2018 China construction fair sunflower award smart lock selection delegation visited Guangdong good wife Group. Hou Pengde, deputy general manager of the group, Chen Chun, general manager of marketing of the group, Dong Weiyun, technical director, Lin Di, senior manager of marketing department and other group leaders met with the delegation. During the discussion, Hou Pengde, deputy general manager of Guangdong good wife Group, first welcomed the arrival of the delegation and thanked the sunflower Award and the Expo for providing enterprises with the opportunity to show. Later, he briefed the delegation on the group's situation. Guangdong good wife Group was founded in 1999. After 19 years of development, it has become a brand name card in China's home drying industry. 30 million families worldwide have used good wife products. In September 2016, Guangdong good wife Group decided to set up a new e-commerce customer' The brand, after one year of planning and preparation, was finally officially launched on September 28, 2017. It is reported that the sun' The brand positioning is young, fashionable, and the main technology intelligent system products. On December 2017, Guangdong good wife Group rang the bell on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and announced its official listing. On March 2018, Guangdong good wife Group officially released the kotini brand. Coleni is a high-end smart home system brand under the group. Its products and services cover many fields such as intelligent security system, drying system, intelligent cleaning system, smart home control platform, etc. As a high-end smart home system brand owned by a good wife, coleni's blockbuster AI smart lock has attracted strong attention from both inside and outside the industry, especially after signing Deng Chao, the concept of AI intelligent lock has set off an AI craze in the market. Dong Weiyun, technical director, said that the AI smart lock in Comini is equipped with a new generation of artificial intelligence chips. In addition to operating system and cloud communication functions, the chips also have autonomous learning functions, intelligent and automatic analysis of users' usage data and usage habits to form usage big data; Automatically identify abnormal fingerprints, abnormal operations, and abnormal scenes, and actively alarm. The more you use, the safer you are. Accompanied by the leaders of the group, the delegation also visited the kotini smart lock exhibition hall. During the visit, Chen Chun, general manager of marketing of Guangdong good wife Group, introduced: in addition to the advantages of the products, the kotini smart lock has the advantages that other brands cannot match. First of all, in terms of channels, correni can share resources with good wives drying racks. We will select about 30 thousand from more than 10000 online stores that good wives have expanded over the years to lay out our correni smart locks, this is an advantage that other smart lock brands do not have. ' Secondly, in terms of the terminal Image, coreni also has its own unique advantages. At present, the poor image of the terminal is the pain point of the door lock industry. Most of the smart locks are not in-depth in the image of the store. Some agents open a store and sell several brands at the same time. It is difficult for users to distinguish between primary and secondary, however, the exclusive store opened by coleni will be decorated in a unified design style, and even the furnishings will be unified. 'Chen Chun introduced. On the sunflower award in the context of the white-hot development of the smart lock industry, the first sunflower Award in 2017'Smart Lock brand selection came into being. Thanks to the professionalism and objectivity of the expert jury, sunflower Award' It is called the highest gold award by the industry'. The first sunflower Award in 2017' The smart lock brand selection, 82 lock companies with more than smart locks, accepted the test of a powerful expert jury composed of 10 big coffee, the judges conducted all-round assessment from the aspects of product technology, function, structure, technology and materials. Lenovo, Huawei, telecom, heertai, Shengyuan data, well-known locksmiths, senior media people and people in the smart lock industry gathered together to inject more vitality and creativity into the smart lock industry through cross-border exchanges. March 21, 2018 2018 sunflower Award'Smart Lock brand selection in China Construction Expo (Shanghai)Officially launched. Sunflower Award 2018' It covers industry alliances, authoritative media, the platform of the Expo, as well as professional investment institutions, product design institutions, decoration channels, locksmith institutions and sunflower awards'Standing at a new height, it will lead the industry again. China Jianbo sunflower award smart lock Review Committee, combined with the advantages of multiple platforms, jointly promote the development of the smart lock industry. Organizer: China Jianbo sunflower award smart lock selection committee co-sponsored: China Smart habitat Industry Promotion Association, NetEase home Strategic Cooperation Platform: China Construction Expo chief cooperation platform: Taobao has a chief support media: A little information, Pacific security, door lock World sponsor: Shanghai small screw Internet Technology Co. , Ltd.
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